Well, That Would Out-Gay the First Gay President


Since Grover Norquist wrote this I’d say Mittens selecting Jindal would be an unqualified disaster. Grover has dumped a string of catastrophic ideas behind him that have just about destroyed this nation.

@Dave H: He should get serious consideration at next year’s Stinque Awards.

@Dave H: Bonus points: Strict Birthers think Jindal’s constitutionally unqualified. Same with Rubio. Mitt clears the hurdle because his parents were both American citizens.

@Dave H:
@Walking Still:
If the GOP and Congress keep acting on Norquist’s ideas, they’ll earn the U.S. a Darwin Award.

Oh please oh please – maybe someone will ask him about the time he ignored obvious signs of a seizure and conducted … wait for it – an exorcism!

@I’m passing for white: Pedo burned out when we weren’t Greenwald enough for him. How can we joke when there’s serious shit going down?

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