The Doughy Pantload

Pareene has the best takedown of Jonah Goldberg I’ve seen thus far:

Goldberg’s also a master at avoiding serious challenges to his half-formed opinions. In 2009, TBogg documented more than 40 instances of Goldberg evading arguments or declining to elaborate on points he’d made by invoking some rapidly approaching deadline. (Sample: “This has been discussed endlessly in the Corner and elsewhere. I’m on a deadline so I’m not going to wade too deeply into it.”) Other popular excuses in the Goldberg list of reasons he’s unable to respond to criticism have included working on his books, taking his children to and/or from school and/or the doctor, and being late for something.

His mother must be so proud.


“I’d respond to your comment but my mouth and hands are full of moon pies and Oreos.”

Day after day, all Pareene does is make me insanely jealous. His new occasional series expanding on his Hack List is fucking brilliant.

@nojo: He should write in the space where David Fucking Brooks now holds court. Brooks is a monster.

@blogenfreude: If it helps him buy Brooks’s house, I’m all for it. But I fear the NYT would otherwise stifle him.

I should add that Pareene’s gift is not just being a clever wordsmith. It’s the research that goes into his epic takedowns. I don’t have the stomach to pay that close attention.

momma goldberg looks like neutered gingrich with lipstick.

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