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Good lord. That photo isn’t going to haunt the kid at all. No siree. Not at all.

Is his name Buster Bluth?

When I first saw that popping up on Twitter, I thought it was a parody of the Time cover…

Tina Brown must be soooooo jealous. That’s Newsweek’s turf.

Jeez, Teen Mitt may have to wait until tomorrow. Haven’t had a chance to collect my thoughts.

It’s real? Oh, fuck, wait till all the wise ass kids in the neighborhood show up with their copy pointing at the cover and asking if it’s snack time yet.

And just like magic, the Snorg Girl shows up.

Just like the kid in Game of Thrones!

That’s how they do it in France, I’ve heard. They get a short break, then switch to sucking on their high school classmates’ titties.

H.L. Hunt, Dallas billionaire oil tycoon, sucked his mother’s titty until he was seven.
But then his daddy caught them in the kitchen, while mother was kneading dough and daddy made them stop.

I was at someone else’s house earlier and she had the TV on to CNN. The show host (don’t know who it was and frankly don’t care) kept giggling and making “ick!” faces while he explained this story and directed viewers to vote on what they thought about women breastfeeding children past the age of three!

Oh, goody! Another opportunity to demonstrate how stupid women are! Of course, men would never do this!

Are CNN and Time out to prove that women really are stupid bimbos and that’s why they can’t be trusted with decisions about their own health? Do they have no female readers/watchers? How is this news?

I hear tell that women have been breastfeeding their children since humans came down out of the trees, and throughout that time some of them have breastfed their children past age three!

Every day I get up and think that the world can’t be more stupid today than it was yesterday, and most days I am proven wrong.

“Grapes of Wrath” and the milk of human kindness.
Local tube news calls this a “racy photo” More at 10.

Is she really that kid’s mom or if she is, was she terrifically photo-shopped? I don’t know any women who have given birth and within 2-3 years have a belly that flat or arms that thin, unless they have a major eating disorder, in which case they wouldn’t be able to produce milk, let alone ovulate.

God, that reeks of desperation. Too needy, Time.

@SanFranLefty: I think so, but she’s also apparently younger than I am, so perhaps that explains it.

I don’t understand. I know that children are breast-fed in the States longer than in most other countries but this is just weird. It’s not the fact of breast-feeding – I have no personal experience as my mother, as she loved to point out after a couple of gins, was paralyzed from the waist down after my birth, only regaining power over her legs after I had made do with a stick draped in rags for the first 6 months of my life while being fed baked beans by the cat – it’s the modelly mom and the very adult leer on the child’s face. That child is about at the age that most colonial-born English children were sent ‘home’ from Delhi or Mandalay to attend boarding school so they could be efficiently beaten and taught how to conjugate Latin verbs and the finer points of sodomy.

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