Treasonous Politician Claims European Citizenship

“[Michele] Bachmann (R-Minn.) recently became a citizen of Switzerland, making her eligible to run for office in the tiny European nation… Bachmann’s three youngest children are also now Swiss citizens, and her two older children are eligible to apply for a fast-track citizenship process.” [Politico, via @BuzzFeedAndrew]


The Indiana Tea Party took Dick Lugar out of the Senate today, where Richard Nixon’s favorite mayor had served since 1976. Obama has a decent chance of picking up a Democratic senator if the campaign doesn’t ignore Indiana.

@Dave H: This is my fondest hope for the teabaggers everywhere.

@Dave H: Yow. Twenty points. Don’t let the door hit your RINO ass on the way out.

(Nixon, as we all know, was a notorious socialist.)

Meanwhile in NC, shacking up is outlawed.

@nojo: What kills me is the polls showing that a majority of people who actually understood what the amendment would do opposed it.

@mellbell: Well, you can still marry your first cousin in North Carolina.

@mellbell: Luckily for this backward country white people can still vote without having the slightest idea what their vote will actually do.
Sadly the majority hasn’t afforded minorities the same luxury. I have to wonder if South African-style apartheid will exist here in fifty years as the white minority tries to hang on to all the power.

@mellbell: Do you think there’s enough time to strangle most AmeriKKKan voters before November?

How quickly will the Swiss reverse this once they figure out that every Belgian on the planet is smarter than Bachmann?

@blogenfreude: We should offer to help her pack and move before the Swiss wise up.

Switzerland huh, like my questions earlier this week concerning the origins of the Cleves and Zeas (which no one helped me out on), who are the Switzers? The only one I know of is Barry Switzer, the self avowed son of a bootlegger, coach of both an ncaa national champion and super bowl winner, hard core drinker and general hell raiser. Coach Switzer once got involved in a serious bar room brawl here in Knoxville on a recruiting trip back in the 80’s. Are all the Switzers the same? If so, I don’t think Michele and klan will fit in too good over there.

Home of the Cuckoo Clock meet Cuckoo.

@Dave H: Apparently the Democrat isn’t much better than the teabagger. I saw a comment about him yesterday saying that if he were elected at least Joe Manchin would have someone to eat lunch with.

@jwmcsame: I was going to help you out on the Cleves business but ennui had set in.

I just lost whatever respect I may have had for Swiss cheese.

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