You Say You Want to License a Beatles Song?

We were wondering about that Mad Men track last night: “Between licensing the publishing rights from Sony ATV Publishing and the rights to the master held by EMI, sources estimate Lionsgate spent somewhere in the six-figure range. One knowledgeable source puts the combined sum at around $250,000.” [Forbes, via @pourmecoffee]


Only to be replaced by a generic rock tune that kills the point on the DVD set.

Wait. Didn’t The King of Pop buy those? Or did he have a fire sale?

I knew I recognized that Beth chick. Gilmore Girls. I didn’t know she was a midget.

@I’m passing for white: It’s complicated, as alluded to above.

The “publishing” rights belong to Sony ATV, which Jackson half-owned. EMI owns the “masters”, which are the recordings themselves. Any time you use a copyrighted work within a commercial context — even a poster on the wall — there are a lot of legal hoops to jump through. Some folks in Hollywood pay the rent just by handling what’s called “clearance”, which is making sure that all the copyrights are tended to.

@nojo: Yeah. I clicked through. It was cool that Sir Facelift and Starling (was he fake knighted as well?), dig the show, but still.

I am really enjoying the closing music this season. Maybe I didn’t pay close attention to it previously. And I think Forbes got it wrong. It’s not about doing stuff on the cheap; it’s about living an authentic life. Don still has issues there.

Wait. MJ died in a hospital and not a hotel room or some such?

@I’m passing for white:
Yup. Rory. I was stunned to find out she’s 30.

She never really did it for me. Lauren Graham… oh yeah.

@Manchu: Lauren Graham in Bad Santa: Oh, yeah.
Tho she never complained about not being able to shit right for a week, or was it a month? The memory fades at my age.

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