Come On In, The Water’s Fine

Looks like the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review got an early start Friday on its Cinco de Mayo partying.

Do What? [Romenesko, via Sully]

Or someone who is 10 at heart let it go through anyway for the yucks.

Took me a sec to get this because I wasn’t focused on the text.

@Dodgerblue: You and the editors…

Apparently somebody caught it midway through the print run and — Stop the Presses! — changed the text. But not too late for some copies to reach their destinations.

Programming note: We’re doing the Derby at 5pm ET, because we did it once by accident, and now we can’t help ourselves.

Well, intestinal distress can often accompany travel to tropical locales.

Dodgers v Cubs report: First Cubbie batter hits a weak popup, two Dodger infielders collide and it goes for a double. That’s my boys!

@blogenfreude: I believe the term you’re looking for is “hourglass figure.”

TJ/ I am going to learn to urban beekeepinger err. Because of the mass die offs, and because it will keep the burgherlers away. And because I like bees.

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