Mothers of Invention

We enjoyed as much as anyone the recent spate of satiric penis-regulation bills, concocted (ahem) in response to the recent spate of all-too-nonsatiric vaginal-ultrasound bills. But we have to give the award to the first Mommy Wars bill in the nation:

Under current law, raising children does not count toward the required “work activity” that must be performed by recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, the federal program that emerged from the 1996 welfare reform. Some states make an exception for mothers with children less than a year old.

The Women’s Option to Raise Kids (WORK) Act, a copy of which was provided to HuffPost in advance of its introduction, would allow mothers with children ages 3 and under to stay at home with their children and continue receiving benefits.

The act is a response to Mitt Romney, who knows the value of wealthy white Mormon mothers, but considers non-horsey poor moms a bunch of deadbeat slackers who don’t understand the “dignity of work” because they can’t afford live-in nannies to demonstrate it for them.

Credit goes to John Lewis, Gwen Moore, Barbara Lee, Jim McDermott, Lynn Woolsey, Jan Schakowsky and Rosa DeLauro, who will introduce the bill in the House. Demerits go to HuffPo, for not posting the draft bill itself, and for insisting on calling itself “HuffPost”.

Image: 52 Job Titles A Mom Holds [Life Without Pink]

It should be obvious to the uninformed and MSM (but isn’t) is that the only thing the GOPers are for is whatever keeps the 1% richer. They aren’t for moms or families.

If they really were then why treat single moms as criminals?

Does the Internet still suck this morning? No? Well, maybe sucks less.

@nojo: like everything else these days, the choices aren’t good or better. only shit or shittier. Try to find something to watch on TV if you don’t believe me or cruise the fast food joints for lunch. In a year or two when we’re real old, we’ll be able to tell the youngsters what it was like in the 80’s when things were only shitty and not shittier or shittiest like now. those were the days, except for the music.

@jwmcsame: I found the Seventies to be Reasonably Not Shitty.

Well, except for Nixon, gas lines, leisure suits, avocado/mustard, toga parties, disco, Rupert Holmes…

But still, not a bad time to be a teenager. Especially compared to what followed.

Hey, being a teen in the 90s was just awesome. Let’s see, there was Depression Rock, and we saved a ton of money on clothes since shopping at Goodwill was fashionable and not a last resort. Plus, the eCONomy actually seemed to work right for a bit, which was refreshing. No major wars for most of the decade. Yeah, if only Slick Willie hadn’t gotten a BJ that made a whole bunch of hateful old white people go KKKross-eyed KKKrazee, imagine the better world we’d be livin’ in now.

@nojo: agreed. the 70’s had the best music, best NFL (72 dolphins and john facenda), best movies, and best republican presidential moment. i have been fascinated recently about a story alleging the missing nixon whitehouse tapes involved nixon’s and hw bush’s involvement in the JFK assassination. specifically that the watergate burglars were looking to destroy evidence linking hw and nixon to the JFK assassination.

@¡Andrew!: right on about slick willie and lewinski. my dad said it the day w stole the election in florida. w doesn’t get close enough to cheat in 2000 without willie slicking lewinski. no w means of course no 9-11, no iraq, no afghanistan, no TSA, no homeland security, no conservative supreme court, no dick cheney, no budget deficit, and no economic collapse. without w’s help we would also be at least a leg up on reversing global warming, be much more advanced in medical science, and be developing more affordable electric cars and solar energy. Thanks a lot Monica and Bill. We really appreciate it.

@jwmcsame: Al gets an assist for running away from Bubba during the campaign, and fucking up the Florida recount. The election was his to lose, and he lost it. Even though he won the popular vote.

Oh $%^&, I almost forgot the greatest invention of the 90s: Melrose. Place. BOOM!

@jwmcsame: And heaven help us if 9/11 happened during a Demrat Administration. Our politics would be even uglier, if that can be imagined.

@nojo: I count our nation’s descent into total psychosis from the fateful day* the Sue-preem KKKort handed down the self-contradictory and completely illogical Bu$h v. Gore ruling. True, it’d been brewing for the previous two decades, but ever since then the timeline’s been fuuuuuucked.

*December 12th, 2000. Hallmark should make a “Happy Beginning of the National Collapse” card.

It wasn’t the blowjob that “made a whole bunch of hateful old white people go KKKross-eyed KKKrazee.” That merely gave them their opportunity to claim the high moral ground. Agreed, however, it was incredibly stupid of Bill and extremely damaging to the country and the Democratic party.

Our nation went to hell when Reagan, with his rotted walnut of a brain, shook as if palsied and said “there you go again” with the consistency of the evacuation of a soft stool and with his subsequent election.

Am I remembering this incorrectly? Whitewater was gaining no traction, even after putting people in jail for refusing to perjure themselves, when the BJ news broke. The Special Instigator just changed directions when that scent crossed his path.

Bottom line on 9/11 was that the planning was underway before the election. AQ really did not give a shit who was in office. Maybe the NS appointees in a Democrat administration would have heeded the warnings better. Who knows?

The Supreme’s decision will piss me off to my deathbed.

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