Feels Like the First Time

Aside from the Inherent Mild Amusement to be gained from watching a Corgi being vacuumed, we’d like to note the position and behavior of said Corgi’s tongue.

We grew up with dogs; we see dogs every day outside the coffehouse; our parents still have a barrel-chested Husky who will crush you with his love.

Yet not once — not once — have we ever seen a dog whose tongue flaps like a Warner Bros. cartoon. It’s like moving to Sandy Eggo and discovering Dr. Suess trees in the wild. These things exist. And once again, reality trumps imagination.

[via WaPo]

Son’s GF found a cold, wet, shivering puppy along the side of the road. Said puppy was smaller than a rat, had no teeth except for incisors. What saved this puppy from a ghastly fate? Two things: a heart-melting smile, and a tongue like Gene Simmons. He could practically lick your face from across the room.

Weird. My dog would not stand it as she was in a lifetime war against the vacuum. Almost as bad as her war on squirrels.

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