Casino Mitt Bets the Table

A handy rule of thumb this year should be that whenever Mitt Romney says something bold, he’s probably said the opposite just as boldly. So, since we’re not quite finished with Mommy Wars, let’s have a look at Mitt’s 2010 campaign bio, No Apology:

Welfare without work erodes the spirit and the sense of self-worth of the recipient. And it conditions the children of nonworking parents to an indolent and unproductive life. Hardworking parents raise hardworking kids; we should recognize that the opposite is also true. The influence of the work habits of our parents and other adults around us as we grow up has lasting impact.

So: Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig? Daddy thinks you’re all fucking slackers. Blame Mommy.

Romney Book: ‘Nonworking Parents’ Produce ‘Indolent And Unproductive’ Children [ThinkProgress]

Seen on the internets: If the fucking Secret Service can’t keep hooker escapades under wraps, what hope is there for any of us?

Ironic book title.

OT/ it seems there is a new visitor in the parents backyard. A wild turkey has decided to stay for a while to the surprise of my parents. Never seen one before. Parents didn’t need carry heat to deal with it.

@ManchuCandidate: Cool! Can they keep it and fatten it up for Thanksgiving/Chusoek/Boxing Day dinner? What are the laws in Canada City about keeping wild birds?

It has to be hunted in season. Luckily, my family isn’t big on turkey and we’d prefer to keep it alive.

@SanFranLefty: What the hell are they doing in the can when Lemmy is on stage?

I’ll be seeing Motorhead in July, btw, along with Slayer, Slipknot at a festival with a bunch of other heavy bands.

@ManchuCandidate: They could go buy a turkey call and learn to talk to it. It is a total kick when you make a noise on a call and they respond. I’d recommend either a box or slate call.

@blogenfreude: So it looks like this Secret Service busyness is gonna be a thing?

This just in: Men like to boink prostitutes. Also, rain falls down from the sky and the Earth revolves around the Sun. Stay tuned for further shocking revelations.

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