The Embiggening

We saw this floating around yesterday and couldn’t decide whether it was, y’know, cool to post, and then we saw that Dan Savage himself posted it, and then we realized we’re getting really chickenshit in our dotage.


But it doesn’t explain “Grower not Show-er.”

OT: Pot hole in the road to employment. I got my rejection notice for a job. Okay fine, why would this be a big deal, right? It wasn’t till I read the line about how wonderful my qualifications and experience were. That was when the top of my head exploded. So, if I’m that good then why not take a chance? Was I overqualified? Too expensive? Now I’m flooded with doubts–as if I don’t have enough at this point. If they meant it to be nice then it would have been better not to say anything at all.

i read, “i got my erection notice”

you’re smart enough, you’re good enough and gosh darn, we love you.
and so will some lucky employer.

@ManchuCandidate: At least they told you, unlike a lot of employers. And “overqualified” is the most annoying response ever.

i’ve lost my ability to discern snark from actual naked reality. is that clip serious? i actually don’t know. have i been away too long? has the line blurred? is it Cain’s! fault?

stinque sport/ Lefty, could you whip out our game again? been off line…WS ate it. thank you !

I’ve been pretty good at getting rejections – from roughly 2/3s of the jobs I’ve applied to. From what I understand is that getting one means I’m a candidate, but I don’t make the interview cut as I’ve only had three stinking interviews with two being phone interviews at that (one of which ended badly because I lost my temper and snarled at the fucking recruiter for discounting my experience.)

@ManchuCandidate: Boilerplate, Honey. I could paper the house with it.

@ManchuCandidate: I had six, yes six interviews with one company. When I did not get the job, I thought about billing them for time and travel and dashed hope and pissed offedness. Bastids.

TJ/ Am I able to play Words w/Friends even though I’m not on FuckBook anymore?

@I’m passing for white:
This one wasn’t boiler plate. I wouldn’t have lost my temper over it if it were.

@ManchuCandidate: Our friendly local nuke making national lab is downsizing (imagine that) or I’d say give a shot at applying there. After all, it was a Canadian (and close friend’s grandfather) Carson Marks who did the maths for the H bomb.

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