NRO Fires Racist Piece of Shit

But no worries – the wingnut welfare system will take care of him … “The National Review has fired columnist John Derbyshire after a racially charged article he wrote on another website. In a Saturday evening post titled ”Parting Ways,” the magazine’s editor Rich Lowry starts off praising Derbyshire’s writing skills and proceeds to explain his decision….” [TPM]


Were link 1 & 2 supposed to be the same?

At any rate, Derbyshire is a pretty overt racist. And as ugly as this latest essay of his is, I will never forget the following, to my mind far more vile rumination of his, that was caught by Andrew Sullivan almost two years ago:

“…North of five million people have been slaughtered in the Congo this past twelve years, and nobody much (no, not mehow about you?) has lost a wink of sleep over it … [But] the Congo is nothing to me. Israel is something to me. It’s an outpost of my civilization, organized on principles I agree with, inhabited by people I could live at ease with. They defend themselves, their borders, their interests, with the kind of vigor and thick-skinned determination I’d like to see my nation display. (If only!) I admire them and wish them well.

There’s an affinity. In some tenuous sense, they are me, and I am them. The Gazans? I’ll care about them right after I start caring about the Congo.”

One can so easily picture John Derbyshire as an bureaucrat in a genocidal regime, reading over the paperwork and stamping the approvals that send trainloads of untermenschen to gas chambers… and not losing a wink of sleep over it.

Were link 1 & 2 supposed to be the same?

Nope – thanks for the heads up.

@Serolf Divad:

I think that’s an extremely charitable reading of Teh Derb – personally, he strikes me as the sort that would be *personally* overseeing an Einsatzgruppe and whining about how his soldiers are using TOO MANY BULLETS.

The *rest* of the NR crowd strikes me as the bureaucrats – and his demonstrating the difference seems the most logical reasoning for his firing.


Thanks for updating. I was worried that it was a link to some article providing details about a right-wing propaganda mill that’s already extended him an offer.

Until Derbyshire is actually hired on by someone, I will continue to live in the placid denial of one who holds to the delusion that this latest outrage is too much, even for the usual suspects to pick him up and pay him a salary.

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