Mike Wallace (1918-2012)

His interview of Frank Lloyd Wright was outstanding (happened before I was born).

Wikipedia entry here. Reactions here.


A guy who knew how to use an interview to get good and bad information. Will be missed.

It’s too bad this son turned out to be a total tool.

He is survived by his right-wing hack-pale-immitation, Fox News propagandist son Chris Wallace.

Mike suffered from depression, yet Chris seems even more joyless.

Mike sold himself out to advertisers, back when every TV journalist did it.

Chris merely sells himself out.

Chris is his son? Man, am I out of it.

Wallace was never uninteresting. His best was reflected on the SNL skits of his work.

@BobCens: Wow – forgotten about SNL stuff … now I have to find the sketchs on Netflix …

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