What the White Whale Was to Ahab

Our guest tweeter is a former editor of former website Cynics Party, now writing for the New York Observer. We are skipping the responses, because it’s more fun this way.


I have my Ahab like tendencies, too. See ex-housemate, my 300lb pound white whale. Unlike Ahab, I didn’t ruin everyone around me in the process so that’s, um, progress, I guess.

You know you’re a vengeful person when you sympathize with Ahab.

@Lost in the Negative Space: And Hunter was such a Nice Boy. Surprises me to see him trying to bait Keith like this.

Oh, and succeeding. But the pursuit is more fun than the catch.

@nojo: Yeah. Keith lost his fucking mind awhile ago, but I never thought he’d spar with a hack. Hey. Whatever pays the bills.

I think I flamed Greg. Not sure.

@Lost in the Negative Space: Keith spars with Twitter trolls almost daily, so nothing new there. But yes, it takes a hack — in particular, a New York hack — to ask him why he’s not out looking for a job. If you’ve already written your story, why bother getting quotes?

@nojo: We need to get Keef and Jesus’ General together.

And it WAS Hunter. (And Bloggie is not a potted plant.)

ADD: AND we’re even talking about Moby Dick on that thread. WTF?

Nojo: You knew this, didn’t you? Well played.

Meanwhile, HBO releases its trailer for the New Aaron Sorkin Based On Keith Series.

Which is something of a sequel to the Original Aaron Sorkin Based on Keith Series.

@Lost in the Negative Space: Nothing conscious. Just what happens when I reach in the well. Classic references never go stale.

This Walker dude is right. KO’s tweets have only ever been equal parts baseball scores, Manhattan sunsets and flame wars with his own followers. A TweetDick, such as.

@flypaper: There will be no defending of Hunter (even if he’s right)!

@Lost in the Negative Space: Keith’s a polarizing figure, and his management fights are legendary — even when he’s management. And his Twitter feed is indeed nothing but baseball, sunsets, flame wars, show promos (when there’s a show), and rotating images of his bad facial hair.

So it’s cool to defend Hunter. I’m just in it for the entertainment value.

@Lost in the Negative Space: You can call Hunter all the names you want. But if somebody else here wants to defend Hunter, you have to be nice.

@nojo: Okay. I think flypaper knows I love him/her, despite the whole Twin Peaks grief s/he gave me. We have history, flypaper and me. If it wasn’t apparent that I was kidding(ish) (flypaper, be on my team and not Hunter’s, K?), I apologize.

@nojo: @Lost in the Negative Space: Whoa, whoa – chill, people. Don’t know this Hunter dude, but his tweets above are pretty much what I always wanted to do with KO. He (Keith) is just asking to be poked with a stick.

ADD: if there is background rivalry with Hunter, I’m team Anti, sure. I’m a follower.

@flypaper: Heh. It was really pretty silly, but as silly things often do, it turned into a flame war.

The original fight is lost due to Hunter’s incompetence. We kinda recreated some of it here and below, but they’re all allusions to something we can’t post any longer because Hunter fucking broke the site, kinda like those people who have 14 kids and forget they left the baby in the car. No, more like those people who have one baby and forget they left the baby in the car. That’s Hunter.

Borked link. Anyway, Nojo started it. Not the original flame war. Just this. http://www.stinque.com/2010/07/28/listen-up/

Someone explain it better than me, please? I took my sleepytime meds, and I’m about to watch some chick kick a hornet’s nest.

We have to be nice to each other? I’m in big trouble…

@Tommmcatt Wears A Hoodie Daily: If some asshole didn’t forbid comment images, I’d post an old Star Trek photo of what happens to people who aren’t nice to me.

@nojo: Oh, you. Everyone is mean to you, that’s the point. Isn’t it?

We need to find that asshole and give him a talking to.

Here’s my thing with Olbermann. He’s great in a lot of ways, but he’s not that funny. Of course, he thinks he’s brilliant (jokes-wise), leading him to say things that sound borderline autistic.

I was altered to this post by both my White Whale Radar and my Hunter Walker Google Alert. Glad to see things are thriving here. Brings a tear to my eye.

@Greg Wasserstrom: Sooner or later, they all come crawling back.

Me, I like Keef. He’s an entertaining blowhard. Which isn’t as easy as it looks, since Lawrence O’Donnell is an unentertaining blowhard. (And Ed Schultz is beneath notice.) The bad jokes are part of the shtick.

My main beef is that Keef keeps dropping Worst Persons whenever there’s a Catcalling Controversy, then brings it back when the water stops boiling. If you’re gonna do it, you gotta own it.

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