This is Awkward …

As some of you know, my significant other works at a film school.  This means she has access to lots of neat toys, most of which I am not allowed to use. But the other day GoPro sent her a Hero 2 (watch the movies at the site made with the damn thing). Students are using this tiny camera to make entire movies (as well as the Canon EOS 5D).

So we took it out of the box, I strapped it to my head, and walked around my 425 SF apartment to test it out. This is before I knew it recorded sound – I was sure you had to hook up a mic because it was so small. So you see my GF at the computer, the cat on the sofa, Battlestar Galactica on the TV, me straightening Chinese prints, an ukiyo-e print she found on eBay, my Lava Lite, and an unopened bottle of Bushmills I will crack if you come to visit.


Your apartment is huge, Bloggie!

/as only a SFer can say to a NYCer, or vice versa…or my friends who live in Tokyo who tell me that they only wish they had as much space as we have in our bedroom and bathroom combined.

“This video is private” message. GF put her foot down, Bloggie?

@SanFranLefty: We enjoyed 125 square meters of 3 br, 2 bath with western appliances when we lived there 10 years ago. With housing subsidy, I only paid $1900 or so out of pocket (don’t even ask what the full price was). Last summer I paid about $5000 a month for a serviced apartment.

My Japanese colleagues came over for a housewarming, and declared that they could easily fit four or five families in what the 2 1/2 of us enjoyed.

@SanFranLefty: /wide angle makes it look large – only recently learned to shut that off … will try to take video of morning commute. This little camera is taking over my life – what a brilliant piece of engineering.

I borrowed a Hero2 from a friend to get some action footage for my last cycling documentary. I liked it so much I had to get my own. Now I spend my time strapping it to whatever I can find.

@hunkamonkiman: addictive to see video of what you do … AND SO TINY! All of our lives will be online one day.

@blogenfreude: No kidding. They’re everywhere now. I’m tempted to not really use it any more because everybody else is doing the same thing. It doesn’t, however, keep me from entering the daily giveaway sweepstakes every. damn. day. I think it could be a cry for help.

@JNOVw00tah: I have not … but just added it to Netflix.

@blogenfreude: You must see it. It was streaming on Netflix. Not sure if it still is.

@blogenfreude: Did you see the life-size model of Titanoboa while it was in town? My paleontologist cousin led the team that found it. Don’t know how much input he had into the name, but it’s awesome in a B-movie kind of way.

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