Most Awesome and Hilarious NYT (Paper or Blog) Headline. EVAH!

Without further comment…

[NYT Motherlode]

Yet another benefit of not being a breeder: no placentophagia regrets.

I left the following comment:

“I’ve spent my career helping young women to avoid scams and misperceptions that prey on their body insecurities …”

Please … sentence construction. Do. It.

Does this make me an asshole? Discuss.


Lefty — watching Mad Men?

[Obligatory “Placenta Helper” Comment]

Seriously, I wouldn’t even shampoo with that stuff. And it’s no good for compost.

Tweeted this shit to Sara Silverman – she should make quick work of placenta eaters ….

I’m hearing the jingle now: “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh whatta relief it is!”

Speaking of which, what DO hospitals do with all those placentas? Perhaps it’s all sent to medical waste.

Or there’s some undercover operation that sells the placentas to corporate farms, where it goes into the cattle and chicken feed. Just putting that out there.

@rptrcub: +1.

@JNOVw00tah: Yes! I watched it. Awesome restart. I can’t decide if Megan is pretty or looks like a horse.

@SanFranLefty: Horsey. I thought the episode fell short of all the spoilers comments. Crawling on the floor, cleaning up in her undies? The “tea” partiers? The least Made Man made man in televised history? Gimmeabreak.

Except the bean bit. And “what is wrong with you people, you’re all so cynical? All you do is smirk.” That was topical.

@Nabisco: The first time through my brain was overwhelmed by the mere newness of the episode after such a long wait, and it wasn’t until the second time through (God bless “encore presentations”) that I could really process it all. My verdict improved from good-but-not-great to great-but-not-first-rank, which probably tells you more about my esteem for the series than anything.

missed it, damn!
i’m wearing black and whining, you know.*
but i’m stinquing! i’m stinquing! did ya miss me?

*and this is different from what?

i have no recollection of any placenta when i was birthing bakette. but then i have no recollection of going to bed last night. mourning goes wonderfully with a crisp chardonnay.

@baked: Dude. You are not whining. These types of life-altering events hit so hard. Glad to see you back, baked. <3

I kept the note you sent with the shoes–it comforts me. Thank you for that kindness (and the shoes, too!).

Don't ever think you're self-absorbed, or more than everyone else. ;-) It's not a contest, okay?

Mourn, Honey. Mourn.

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