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Well. That put us in a bad mood. We need a palate-cleanser. How about The Preznident of These United States, interacting with a constituent — in the constituent’s own language?

Sign of the Times [Distriction, via Kottke]

I can see the Mittbot reacting to the sign language by yelling louder. As for Frothy and Newt, they would have had security remove them from the building and their Medicaid revoked.

@matador1015: I can see the Mittbot reacting to the sign language by yelling louder.

It’s not everyone who Wins the Thread on the first comment.

@nojo: I’d like to thank the Academy, my producer, and all the little people that made it possible. Also, the makers of finer malt liquors everywhere.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

he quiets crying babies, sings, signs and has a mean jump shot.

What’s not to love.

@Serolf Divad: And his wife is hot, but I wish she would quit already with the high-waisted dresses.

@matador1015: And your agent. Don’t forget your fucking agent or you will never eat fucking lunch in this motherfucking town again.

@Serolf Divad: I know. And just when you think he couldn’t possibly get any dreamier. Plus the perfectly fitted shirt – the collar’s the giveaway: I call bespoke – and excellent knot. I suspect that tie is Brooks Bros. Good, but slightly skimpy: as the actress said to the bishop. It’s acceptable but doesn’t have the rich hand of the State of the Union masterwork. ($200-$300?) Acceptable as gag or blindfold or just running up one’s thigh. That’s OK. It’s a working day. Whatever.

I keep running the video over and over. I don’t mind the funny stick-out ears. With his hair cut so close it gives you something to hold on to.

And plus: could the CIA detail give us a heads-up before he grins so I can put on my shades so I don’t get knocked out my task chair? Is that too much BIG government for you? Politics is so engorging engrossing. If you know what I mean.

Our preznint is SO fine.

@Dodgerblue: Did you catch Robert De Niro’s wisecrack the other day about first ladies? Ann Romney, God bless her, didn’t flip her ish about it like some people (ahem, Newt Gingrich).

@Dodgerblue: I suspect that she is not being dressed by gay men. They would cinch her waist and put her in huge skirts. In gayland this is how you cope with a woman with a lush, high-waisted body, big thighs, generous ass, imperial height: make them look like the third bus-and-truck of Grease.

I like how she looks. Like a woman who’s done shit and had kids and is not 16. I like it that she buys American. I love that neo-empire look. She’s the most fashionable FW since Jaquie and I would suggest much more original. She was born to be dressed by Balenciaga but he’s dead. And Valentino has retired.

@Benedick: :-)

Three cheers for middle-aged women with curves!

@Serolf Divad: This…all of this is our reward. For eight years (eight!), we had to cringe as the evening news came on every damn night to see what idiotic, utterly embarrassing thing Dubya had done that day. Slaughtering the language, walking into walls, trying to give backrubs to the German chancellor…and that’s just off the top of my head because I don’t want to google bushisms and drive my blood pressure up right now. I’m not ashamed to crow over every last one of Obama’s actions that make him seem cool or smart or sensitive–even if they’re entirely divorced from any actual progress or real change–because we earned this. We earned it all.

@flippin eck:

History will record the Bush-Merkel back rub as the most obscenely inappropriate interaction between two politicians since 1804, when Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in an early morning duel.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, but I had it bookmarked last night.

@nojo: I was going to post it at 6:45 am PDT this morning but decided that would violate the cardinal rule of Stinque posting. I guess I should have time-delayed it, eh? My brain wasn’t working too well at that pre-coffee hour.

ADD: Oh and my source for the video? Bo Obama’s page on the Book of Faces.

I also follow Sutter Brown, the First Dog of California, in case you were wondering.

Yes, I’m a dork.

@SanFranLefty: 9:45 am ET would have worked fine. Serolf sometimes sets posts for 9am.

I almost ran it as part of the morning post, since the post itself was so miserable. But the post evolved in a different direction.

@Dodgerblue: Dear Christ! I just went straight. Though that could have been a reaction to the the gay men’s chorus, SF’s gift to the world of sanctimonious provincialism, but yowza!


As if. Frothy Mix would probably have his brownshirts beat the kid up for “throwing gang signs”.

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