Oh Hey, There’s An Election Tonight

Mind you, Chicagoans can give a rat’s ass about the GOP primary. And they could also give another rat’s ass about the Cook County Democratic primary, as it is a done deal for the slated types, as is normal.

But it’s time for the supposedly-moderate Collar Counties to face down the mouthbreathers south of I-80. It says here that this is Romney’s to lose, but we shall see. Jibber jabber away about the Illinois Primary if you’d like.

Me? There’s a Blackhawks game on teevee. so I’ll check in periodically to make sure everything is in its proper orbit and such. Maybe.


CNN called it for Romney.

In the undercard, Paul is beating Gingrich.

I don’t know if I can live through a year of That Fucking Smirk.

I wonder what movie Mitt ripped off his Generic Campaign Speech from?

Good God. Santorum has no idea that he’s not gonna win.

@chicago bureau:

I suspect we’ll find Frothy Mix vandalizing shit and masturbating in public shortly after the GOP convention, like the evangelical nutball behind Kony2012

@chicago bureau: The only explanation is that he’s launched his campaign for 2016. Along with Mitt. I hear he’s polling well. I can hardly wait till Bobby Jindal throws his turban in the ring.

That was not racist. I was taken out of context. And if my words inadvertently caused someone to become upset I regret he or she became upset. We need to restore civility without having PC speech crammed down our throats by liberal elites. Basically it’s all about freedom of religion and smaller government. Yachts rule.

I love it when you channel your inner Republican. It does things to me.

@Benedick: In other news: “This change will …make The Times an experience you won’t find anywhere…

How will I parcel out my ten visits a month between Brooks, Cohen, MoDo, Friedman, the crossword puzzle and the fooking comics?

@Nabisco: Google “NYTclean”. It’s worked the couple of times I’ve actually tripped the wire.

@Benedick: Remember last time you went GOP? It was not pretty.

I’m usually checking results on my phone at the gym, posting comments, maybe reading a piece or two on the webz, but not tonight. It was called even before I left the house and my workout therefore went very fast.

@Benedick: And who are the Demrats running in 2016? It ain’t Swampsow and it ain’t Plugz. There’s no bench.

Not that Demrat benches have helped in the past. Hello, Fritz and Al!

@Nabisco: I just use Google Chrome in incognito mode and have no problems reading as much as I want.

@nojo: Andrew Cuomo. After all, it worked out so well for his dad.

@nojo: I’m going to go out on a fucking limb here, and my fellow Bay Areans Walking Still and Libertarian Tool will probably mock me for it, but keep your eye on California AG Kamala Harris.

For the non-Californians who haven’t ever heard of her: Maybe not 2016, but I predict her crushing Mayor McDreamy in the next California gubernatorial race, and to date the most damning thing that can be said about her is that she was one of Willie Brown’s short-lived girlfriends, and her sister was the director of the ACLU’s Racial Justice Project. Her B-i-L is Tony Hall, the #3 in the US DOJ. When she was the DA of San Francisco, she was one of the first state politicos to buck the Hillbot trend and go balls out for Obama. I could easily see her launched on the national stage by 2020 or 2024.

And did I mention that she’s half Indian (the country, specifically Tamil, not Native Americans) and half black (Jamaican-African American dad), is easy on the eyes, and pretty sharp?

It’s horrifying to say this, but the only thing holding her back (besides boinking Da Mayor back in Da Day) is that she is single and child-free. No Sappho rumors, and FSM knows I would hear about them in the circles I’m in here.

@SanFranLefty: Tamil…and half black (Jamaican-African American dad

The Rethuglican machine will somehow tie her to MIA, you watch.

I’m with you. Poised. Smart. Ambitious. Tough. A Winner. Knocking down that State Attorney General slot in a tough race got her noticed. Definitely a rising star. She’s already got national attention and I’ve heard her called a “female Barack Obama” by politicos. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her get a major speaking slot at the Dem Convention as a coming out party to give her more exposure. She is being groomed for much bigger things.

But 2016 is way too early for her. She is going to need to take another big step after the State Attorney gig. Governor after Brown? Senator after Boxer or Feinstein? A Major Federal Appointment? Replace Eric Holder after he resigns in disgrace? Something.

@libertarian tool: Considering that Holder accepted the job in disgrace, resigning in disgrace is a given.

@nojo: Cory Booker? Although he’d only be a half-term governor by then, and we all know how well that works out.

@libertarian tool: If Moonbeam keeps his one term promise, it will be Harris and Lite Guv Good Hair going at it for Governor. If she can crush him and his machine in the primary, I think 2020 or 2024 opens up. I don’t think either of them can count on DiFi, Boxer, or Pelosi leaving anytime soon and to take their spots. Though Good Hair may not live in Pelosi’s district now that he’s in Marin.

@SanFranLefty: I’ve betting that Moonbeam sticks around for a second term. I also think Harris might take a shot at the Senate rather that Governor’s office, although I agree she is destined for higher office.

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa (baggage and all) will also be in the hunt for the Governor’s office next time it opens up.

I’m with Libertarian Tool on 2016. It seems to early for her to be going for President. She needs a national profile first.

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