Their Gateway Drug is Masturbation

Best line ever in an anti-Planned Parenthood ad.

Ranker pulled together a list of Top Ten Most Ridiculous Anti-Planned Parenthood Ads

The “Don’t Abort Your Baby Because He Might be Tim Tebow” Super Bowl ad came in at number 4. The number 1 ad featured the line about how Planned Parenthood is a drug dealer, and its gateway drug for children is teaching the kiddos how to masturbate.

#2 on the list, featuring the Terminator abortionist, bad ’80s hairdo parents, and the toddler is the most bizarre:


Seems the whole ad is based on the premise that the Terminator went back in time to molest John Connor.

To the anti-masturbation crowd: “I’ll give you my penis when you take it from my cold, dead hands.”

In most of the videos, these nutzos are dog-whistling that Obama is out to murder the little white babiez, and Planned Parenthood is his Mafia.

Meanwhile, people in Europe see this are are doing a collective facepalm.

Speaking of sluts, Rush is on the air right now, blaming everyone else for what he said. I’m not listening (it’s all over the Twitters), but maybe there will be a convenient transcript later.

All this stuff is beginning to creep even me out!

@nojo: The hubby came in from driving somewhere all aglow with having heard Rush deplore the fact that he stooped to the level of the left.

@matador1015: The say they think that but secretly they all want to be us.

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