Your Freedom Ends at My Bigotry

Title: “Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It’s Too Late”

Authors: James Robison and Jay W. Richards

Rank: 16

Blurb: “Together, they tackle tough, controversial political issues facing conservative Christians today, including abortion, stem cell research, education, economics, health care, the environment, judicial activism, marriage, and others. Written to appeal to a broad spectrum of believers, INDIVISIBLE not only argues political questions from a Scriptural standpoint, it also provides simple arguments that Christians can use to support their beliefs in public settings.”

Review: “To be sure, the authors oppose government intervention in fiscal areas, but they also oppose government intrusion in the social realm as well. What is interesting is that they don’t take this to mean that we should legalize everything from abortion to gay marriage. To the authors, defending freedom in the social realm is to in fact defend laws against things like abortion and gay marriage.”

Customers Also Bought: “Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem” by Jay W. Richards

Footnote: “House upon the sand” is not a bad description of casuistry.

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Subject Matter divided by zero real knowledge/understanding = infinite stupid.

Wow – between the War on Terrah, this, and Frothy Mix’s recent college-bashing they’ve managed to *literally* embrace the entire slogan of 1984’s Party…

Recall that our country is this way because the Brits sent the criminals to Australia and sent the fundies here … Australia is looking better all the time.

@blogenfreude: Not entirely true. The southernmost English colony of Georgia was chartered in 1732 as a place to unload debtors from the crowded prisons of England. Dumping a herd of criminals into the wilderness as a buffer between the more proper WASP English colonies and the Catholic Spaniards in Florida seemed to be a win-win. Nobody could have foreseen a Newt Gingrich as the result of this social experiment.

@Dave H: Still, we came out on the wrong end …

Programming notice: Oscar open thread at 8pm ET.

@blogenfreude: Bearing in mind that both the forced and unforced colonists were adept at exterminating the native population.

“Christian” first, American second? Such an admission is refreshingly honest coming from that direction. Too bad there’s no way we can get them to colonize the moon.

@Dave H:
Whoa, Newt’s a friggin’ *carpet bagger from Pennsylvania.

*capetbagger= a person from a Northern state who moves to a Southern state in order to exploit the backward nature and bigotry of most Southerns for financial gain and national influence.
See Dick Army, G.H.W.Bush and Bush Clan, etc.

@Dave H: Didn’t the Scots invade colonize Georgia? Then they brought slaves to dig drainage canals, cut the trees, and frighten the Irish? But I have to say it sounds like a good idea to blame the English.

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