Newt Hearts Trannies

Newtie was in the Bay Area to pick up some cash (hide your wives!), and was asked by someone from the Chronicle why he’s always using the coded phrase “San Francisco Values” — does he mean the values of tolerance and universal health care?  In any event, the question led to him waxing nostalgically about the friendly transvestite he met out here back in 1984…

[ Flash video not available. ]

What an asshole. I am in Fisherman’s Wharf now and the crowd looks exactly like what you’d see going into a baseball park or Disneyland anywhere in the states. If he wants to go all Julius Streicher on the campaign trail, let him explicitly discuss who we should hate and why. Only saw one journalist call a crypto fascist on this stuff and it was very effective. Someone, TV hack, asked Talibunny so, who are these elitists that are messing up the states? The response was really junior high.

@FlyingChainSaw: Please tell me you’re not really in Fisherman’s Wharf right now surrounded by the tourists.

Look like locals to me, given the number of people pushing strollers.

Everything for the conference was nuts downtown and I like waking up to the gulls shrieking.

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