What’s Mormon for “Madrassa”?

“[Marco] Rubio was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with his family at around the age of eight, and remained active in the faith for a number of years during his early youth, family members told BuzzFeed.” [via Political Wire]


Scarlett Johansson is Jewish? Man, am I out of it.

Can’t they just find a candidate with “no preference.” Is there a freedom from religion candidate? Last night’s panel sounded like a Taliban meeting.

This Rubio fellow is all over the place. He’s a “devout Roman Catholic” who attends Christ Fellowship, a mega Protestant evangelical church, and is also a Mormon? Got all the bases covered.

@BobCens: what the teapublican’ts mistake for freedom OF religion was actually meant to be freedom FROM religion by the founding fucking fathers.

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