Make Dead Mormons Gay!

Who knew Mormons could be fun? Forget the fag bashing, now’s the time to get John Smith on the pink team. (Like he wasn’t there already. Sure you got pebble glasses in your hat, queer boy. Forget the Meadow Mountain Massacre look what I got goin’ on in my breeches. Oh yeah it’s big. Hey, moroni, get your honeybee on this, bitch)

Right: Example of magic undies. Provided by Prior Brad reaching out to the Franch.

Homosexuals baptise Mormons. (I know! Is this fun or what?)


@ Benedick: Is that your Grindr profile?

@¡Andrew!: That’s an old pic. I got bulked up since.

@Benedick: Thnx. Now I’ll be heading into my Accounting class with a diving board between my legs.

I looked like that until I started smoking marijuana.

NM. They’re already all over it!

Oh, just escaped The Bates Motel for Meth Addicts and Prostitutes. Yay! I have no idea where I am. Morgantown?

@JNOV is like, Peace?: darling, you need to have your security team go in ahead of you. No one should ever have to stay in some motel in Pennsylvania.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: This is why needs to have a “Hot-Sheet” rating for their econo motels.

@¡Andrew!: [insert Looney-Toons sound effects here]

@JNOV is like, Peace?: WTF? Bed bugs are probably the least of your worries if you’re dealing with the toothless tweaking crackhead whores of U.S. Interstate Highway 76….

@Benedick: @matador1015: @SanFranLefty: Yes. Yes. Yes.!!!

I guess I was there 15 minutes. I’d passed a Holiday Inn on my way there. I called them and didn’t even finish reserving my room on the phone. I was like, “Yo! I’m on my way! NOW!”

Crack Den Motel Proprietor sez he gave me a refund. We’ll see. Now wide the fuck awake. Yay, Me!

Oh, I’ll have a byline on Friday.

Oh, but the beer distributor next to Please Kill Me Before You Rape Me Hospitality Inn had Yards IPA. Sadly, it was only by the case, so I have a case in my trunk.

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