Cahiers du Chats du Cinéma

The world’s oldest surviving film — all 2.11 seconds of it — was shot in 1888.

Within five years, Thomas Edison built the world’s first movie studio.

It took only a year after that to film the world’s first cat video.

[via The Atlantic]

Bonus movie fact, one that seems particularly relevant as the major studios continue to insist that everything should bend to protect their “property” – it only took till 1910 for production companies to flee to the west coast to escape Edison’s licensing fees for cameras.

The week after saw the shooting of the first porn: Milady’s Naughty Chauffeur.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Well, I knew something of Melies’ work, and had no idea that the movie would go in that direction. I was thrilled.

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