Because Nobody Talked About Reverend Wright At All

Rick Santorum would like to change the subject: “You know, [reporters] sit there and they say nothing, while for 20 years [President Obama] sits in a church with a guy who is a racist. And somehow or another Foster Friess is now who I am? This is just crap.” [NRO, via TPM]


Oh, Frothy Mix, I guess you know a thing or two about crap. And lube.

P.S. Your mama should wash your mouth out with soap for such bad language. Or would you like that too much?

You’re right froth-man, and there’s no difference at all between the pastor of a church, and a person who’s funneling cash your direction. Not at all. Not even assuming your weird assertion about Wright had any relationship with reality (other than completely divorced from it).

@SanFranLefty: @IanJ:I love you both. You are exemplars of why I come here.

So wait – does this mean he’s *not* going to bring that tired crap up again? Has he already decided that the super PACs will do the mudslinging for him?

@Lynn: You are such a doll. We’ve missed you and your droll wit around these here parts. How are you and Eff.Hip. doing these days?

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