One Heavenly Firebolt Should Do It

Thousands of atheists are expected to attend the Reason Rally next month in Washington, D.C., an event that organizers hope will unify a large part of the secular community. On March 24, the National Mall will be populated by those who sympathize with atheist perspectives.” [CBS DC]


Oh, for fuck’s sake! Again, dumbasses undermine the assertion that ATHEISM IS NOT A RELIGION! I’m going to pick up a Bible/Koran/Torah scroll/Codex Gigas and BEAT THEM.

Shit. Not all atheists are reasonable or rational, and not all rational/reasonable people are atheists.

I get that atheists want to have a voice, especially when many have been afraid to come out, so to speak, in this Judeo-Christian-Wiccan-Buddhist-JuBu-UU-Humanist-Hindu-Agnostic-Jainist-Vampire-Zombie-Anythingbutatheist world, but C’MON! Such bullshit.

This is not how you do it.

And they don’t even have PZ going. Dumbasses.

Rick Warren will give the opening prayer.

Trust you all realize that we are one election cycle away from Duane Reade being forced to pull all the Trojans off the shelves.

@Benedick: +1, dammit!

@blogenfreude: I think atheists still have the franchise. This type of crazy shit has nothing to do with bc, especially since they can’t take pull and pray away. Oh.

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