Occupy Wins

So we’re chatting with the Male Parental Unit last night — well, listening, you know how that goes — and after the monologue drifts from the Ducks to Madonna to the Ducks, he mentions that he found a hundred-dollar savings bond in a drawer last year, and promptly cashed it.

Following which he received a Form 1099 for the taxes on it.

“Everybody pays taxes but the rich,” we tell him.

And he replies—

Wait, let’s set this up first. Male Parental Unit turns eighty this year. Male Parental Unit is a Union Democrat, but Male Parental Unit is not political. Male Parental Unit wouldn’t know half the references in this Blogging Establishment, presuming that Male Parental Unit even read it, which he doesn’t, because Male Parental Unit doesn’t know about it, because Male Parental Unit’s Son never told him, because Male Parental Unit’s Son doesn’t need Male Parental Unit to know that his Son is a Fucking Potty Mouth.

All of which is to say, Male Parental Unit is the last person we would expect to say what Male Parental Unit said. Well, besides Female Parental Unit.

So, as we were saying to Male Parental Unit, “Everybody pays taxes but the rich.”

To which Male Parental Unit replies:

“The One Percenters.”

We think we also heard a needle dragged across vinyl, but that’s probably our imagination.

We have been less than kind to the Occupy movement. We have considered them naive utopians. We have called them Fleabaggers. We’re still not exactly fans.

But credit where due: They changed the conversation.

We know this, not because of cable hosts, not because of polls, not because of politicians on both sides who have copped the language, but because of one simple fact:

They got Dad.

Dudes. Respect.


One thing that tickles my ironic funny bone is that before Occupy, the term 1%er was more likely used to describe a Hells Angel or other criminal motorcycle gang.

Personally, if I were a Hells Angel I’d be insulted to have my, um, good name to be lumped in with the likes of the Kochs and Walton clan.

As for the gusher of Santorum, it’s more about the oblivious tone deaf humanoid and lousy candidate known as Mittens than about Ricky poo. Some say that it is because Catholic anger against contraception and they might be correct, but I suspect they are mostly the blustery bullying angry Catholic types like William Donahue who wouldn’t vote Democrap even if Mittens ate fetuses on live TV.

Santorum wins big!!!!! What a great night for America. This changes everything. Yes, Newt has the intellectual heft whereas Romney is Mr. CEO but there’s something just so gash-darned decent about Rick.

Could this race get any more exciting? Tom Tancredo’s dog could do a better job than preznint Obama. Any of my dogs could do a better job than Tom Tancredo’s dog. These ‘primaries’ should go on forever. Democracy in action. It’s Morning in America! I’m so happy I must go and skip about the garden!

Santorum’s campaign promise: “On day one I will shut down Google.”

@Benedick: I now make a point to Google the word santorum daily to do my little part to help the effort.

@Nojo: Back on topic – six months ago, the only place you could hear the word “inequality” was in Bill Moyers specials or Robert Reich commentaries on NPR.


Actually, it seems to me that there are some notable similarities between the groups. To wit, here’s a line from the outlaw motorcycle gang article on Wikipedia:

Mayhem and lawlessness are inherent in living “The Life,” and the money they obtain by illegal means is only wanted as a way to perpetuate that lifestyle.

That pretty much sums up the *other* 1% as well…

@SanFranLefty: 5 times a day. It just makes good sense.

TJ/ Pink Ribbon bullshit. Haha! I was looking for some new NB stability running shoes. Google shopping search showed me the Pink-Ribbon model.

Can anyone recommend a good stability shoe (I overpronate). Under $100 and wide (shurrup — it’s from the Birks) would be ideal.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks! I avoid them b/c I hate the name. Dumb reason, huh? Plus Redwood Shopping Center running store got me into NB. Time for a change.

I think it’s time to fit your dad out with a tent, for his Occupy career.

@Marcel Parcells: I’m sure he’ll rally everybody at the boat club.

@texrednface: @SanFranLefty: I added Santorum to the left menu a month or two back. So that’s 5k posts right there.

This story warms the heart and give me hope that senior citizens are finally getting wise to the inequality that exists and they have no chance at being part of that 1%.

I see some of the emails my mother-in-law gets from other seniors in her community and try to help her respond to the lies and bullshit that is so easily spread in daily by her neighbors as well as friends that she has acquired over the years. It can be frustration because she wants to cut these people down but cannot figure out how to respond.

Nojo, I am happy for you that your father is aware.

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