Florence Green, 1901-2012

‘World’s last’ WWI veteran Florence Green dies aged 110 [BBC]

She survived her husband by thirty-seven years. Wow.

I wonder if she watched Downton Abbey.

@¡Andrew!: It’s turned into an English-language telenovela. But I still watch it.

@¡Andrew!: I watched Upstairs, Downstairs the first time around.

@Dodgerblue: Do you really watch it, or do you pretend not to watch it while Mrs. Dodger views it? Because Mr. SFL falls into the latter camp, as he did with Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model.

No, I actually like it, it’s well-acted and beautifully photographed and I get to give my wife a hard time about how they have run out of plot ideas and are moving on to amnesia, murder (you know who I’m talking about, and she deserved it) — I’m waiting for the “it was all a dream” plot move. But I would not watch Project Runway or Top Chef or What Not To Wear unless Lynn were watching them.

Murder? Shit. Some of us are kinda behind and don’t know if we want to catch up.

I hope all of the regular viewers of Downton Abbey have seen the recent SNL trailer as it would be presented on SpikeTV. For some reason NBC has been blocking the video as quickly as they find it, even on their own sites. I guess they don’t want anyone to discover there was something funny on SNL.

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