Last Super Bowl XLVI Before World Ends

(But, you know, there will only be one Super Bowl XLVI.  So this WILL be the last one before the Apocalypse.  So.  IS THIS THING ON?)

In terms of the battle for the bad-jokes crown: the preceding has been challenged to some Outclass Warfare by the damp squib that Occupy Super Bowl has turned out to be.  If the intent was to get attention?  At the moment — I’ve just caught the tail-end of the FIVE HOURS OF PREGAME — we have talking-heads making picks on the game.  On Twitter?  #OccupySuperBowl is nothing but a string of retweets of Cornel West.  Which is fine, but not indicative of mass revolt.

Speaking of mass revolt?  You know who did pull that off to great effect?  The Minutemen.  So it says here Patriots (-3 pts) def. Giants — it’s this year’s 10,000 STAR LOCK.

So: will Tom Brady get another ring?  Will Eli Manning get another ring?  Will the size of the diamonds on either ring indicate how much he is loved by the betrothed?  Answers, and snark on Madge and ads and NBC tie-ins, follow in this SUPER BOWL SUPER OPEN THREAD.


Really: does anyone take the under on the National Anthem prop bet? Well, if they did? They just got paid — cut-line was 1:34, and Clarkson just came in at… 1:33. (Vegas odds-makers are freakish — they almost hit it on the number.)

I have all this fucking work to do, otherwise I’d liveblog the Puppeh Bowl on Animal Planet. The kitty half-time show will probably be better than whatever Madonna lip-syncs.

@chicago bureau: skipped the pregame and did an AbFab marathon then Super 8 (great movie). Tuned in for actual football.

@blogenfreude: Have the AbFab on DVR. (These are the old episodes, which are total classics.)

Ah, so the Patsies’ D finally shows up. Punt to the 5 — and the punter is fucking STOKED!

You know, I’ve actually tried Bud Light Platinum. It is, without doubt, the WORST BEER EVER PRODUCED BY MAN. And that’s $3m down the tubes.

OH MY GOD! A SAFETY! That was a 60-1 prop bet, if I remember right.

I see what you did there, Best Buy.

Was that an ad for peeing in the swimming pool? I have the sound off.

Whoa, Giselle is really letting herself go. She almost looks like Steven Tyler.

Arab Spring through interpretive dance?

It’s not as though Madonna hasn’t released anything good in the last twenty years, but that should’ve been the cutoff for this.

Go Boston Baked beans… wait, that’s what I’ve been cooking for the last 3 hours.

@mellbell: She nearly fell off the riser, but other than that met the standard of lame for halftime shows.

I liked the Clint Eastwood ad. Don’t mess with Clint.

@Nabisco: Finished Super 8 during the halftime … better for it. Great movie.

@chicago bureau: Why a sane person would try a Busch product when you can easily get Leffe in this country is beyond me.

Limbaugh the “bad” luck charm for the New England Teabaggers… um Patriots. Giants win the pennant! Giants win the pennant!

Literally late to the game after napping, finishing 11/23/63 by Stephen King, cutting wood, shopping, making hoors de overs, making Happy Cow steaks and a vegematarian entree for Mrs RML (the portabello mushroom is the first refuge of a scoundrel) and spending the last half of the game as dad/high school homework monitor).

I’m glad Eli pulled it off. There was a lot of “Eli can’t win” talk early in the season and now the haters can take their words and shove ’em up their asses.

What does popular lore say about an NFC win and the presidential election? Giants won four years ago, btw.

I think just about all of us driving around with Colts license plates are glad that if Peyton couldn’t be there then Eli and the Giants took down the Patriots yet again. Unlike many Colts fans, for me finding out that Rush the Blowhard was with the Patriots makes this even sweeter.

@Dave H: (a) You want Peyton back and (b) should he even be allowed to play in the NFL again?

@blogenfreude: Another thumbs up here for Super 8. I think this crowd might like “Attack the Block” – aliens land in the hood in London, street kids taken ’em on.

@Dave H: Sentimentally I wish Peyton would hang up the cleats and become a coach. Whatever his political leanings may be, anyone who has that kind of nerve damage doesn’t need to risk yet another injury.
I think the overwhelming data on football concussions should be enough to keep anybody from “playing” at any level. When it comes down to the physical cost to the participants we’re just as bloodthirsty as the spectators at the games in the Coliseum in Rome. I really don’t think the NFL will be around much longer once the dam breaks on the flood of lawsuits the former players have pending. I expect the financial destruction of pro football will take down the sport/business at every level.

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