And what do you suppose he’s done now?


I’m guessing that the Komen Foundation will basically be ruined as the knives come out and the Blame Game begins.

Hee Hee. You did a heck of a job, Ari the strategizer.

Ari probably recommended they use Rudy Giullani’s firm to help as well. I sure a lot of people on both sides of the aisle are going to drop this “charity.”
Politics corrupt, but money corrupts more.

These dudes are like bedbugs. You think you’ve got them out of your house, and then the little fuckers are back again.

@Marcel Parcells: Or cockroaches in a Manhattan apartment … every time I think I’ve won, I see one of the little fuckers headed for the cat’s food.

The Komen Foundation knew exactly what they were getting into by crawling in bed with Fleischer. Assigning all blame to him is like blaming the alcohol and not the drunk driver.

PS: Ari’s mug shot appearing just below your STINQUE logo couldn’t be more fitting.

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