Spoiler Alert: Obama Won


We haven’t read Game Change — as a rule, we only buy campaign books by Hunter S. Thompson — but as we recall, it was reviewed as Politico Whacking Material, chock full of breathless unsourced gossip that left you knowing less at the end than when it began.

It’s not like there was anything hidden about the 2008 election: John McCain was a dreadfully dull candidate whose desperation gave us (and quickly relieved Alaska of) Sarah Palin. If you missed it, you can catch the sequel this summer when Mitt Romney chooses Jan Brewer as his running mate.

But hey, the HBO version looks like fun casting: Ed Harris as Psychogeezer, Woody Harrelson as Psychogeezer’s campaign manager, and in the performance of a lifetime, Julianne Moore as Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Need a blurb for the next trailer? “You Betcha! —Stinque.” You’re welcome!

[via Sully]

It amuses me that the producers would use the original version of American Woman as done by a bunch of boys from Canada City.

@ManchuCandidate: Alaska is basically Canada as far as most Americans are concerned.

They shot that here in Santa Fe (subbing in for parts of AZ) last summer. I tried to get on as an extra. I spotted the SEALS v. bin Laden movie shooting yesterday.

It appears that almost anyone can play Sarah Palin, due to her bangs-and-glasses look that hides a good portion of the face. I may have to audition for the part next time around.

@matador1015: You may need some enhancements. You know, a flag.

@mellbell: Wait, I thought they were like Puerto Rico and D.C. …

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