I Need to Get Some Pajamas


Welcome to Scotland, Siri, where voice-recognition goes to die.

The iPhone’s Siri doesn’t seem so smart in Scotland [LAT]


His first mistake was getting hungry in Scotland. I mean, really. (Cooling balm for Benedick, lovingly applied with supple, strong hands: I spent a year there, I wot whereof I spek.)

@IanJ: Och, weel, laddie, if you havenie tasted a cloutie dumpling and maybe a pudding supper with chips you’re a fair way tae bein a Sassenach at hert.

It’s true. [hangs head] I guess I’ll need to be punished. In my feeble, insufficient defense, the local chippie had more than a pound or two off me, and I grew subtly susceptible to the ineffable lures of HP Sauce. I haven’t tasted it since, and my world is a bit more drab for the lack. I can also tell you the difference between a feileadh mor and a feileadh beag (and I own a laughing mockery of a feileadh mor), but I could do that before I went, so it doesn’t count for much.

Come to think of it, I sent Homofascist some choice kilt pictures around the time of the Great Rift, and they disappeared, as it were, into the ether.

@IanJ: Oh, I think Homofascist found a use for pictures of you in the kilt.* Just not for the blog(s).

*My last trip to hanging out with the Chicago Stinquers involved borderline alcohol poisoning, so I can’t confirm for sure whether or not HF had those photos up on the wall. Maybe he did. Maybe not.

@SanFranLefty: Plaid does make for a very nice wallpaper…

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