That Airport Moment Was Purely Coincidental

Title: “Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border”

Author: Jan Brewer

Rank: 8

Blurb: “Jan Brewer became Arizona’s twenty-second governor in January 2009, upon the resignation of then-Governor Janet Napolitano, inheriting one of the worst fiscal crises in the country for any state. Born to a close-knit family during World War II, Governor Brewer aggressively confronts the trials of life and government with conservative common sense. Governor Brewer is now serving her second term, after winning a convincing 2010 election victory.”

Review: “While browsing I came across a blog about the tarmac incident… curious about the cause I bought the book.”

Customers Also Bought: “How I Got This Way” by Regis Philbin

Footnote: Next week, Jan Brewer crashes a White House State Dinner.

Scorpions for Breakfast [Amazon]

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I’m curious about Timmaaay’s cause he bought the book, too.

“[T]he hateful personal attacks from those who obviously did not read the book proves just how true it is.” Uh huh.

“Instead of doing his job and doing the things I voted [Obama] in office to do [I don’t believe Timmaaay here], he is deliberately inciting class warfare (e.g., 1% predominantly white republican race warfare [Timmaay, are you a member of the White One Percent? Doubt. It. Learn a lesson from those who voted against their interests and elected Scott Walker, then grab your ankles for four years]) by blaming others. I believe [like in a religion? Obviously you don’t think] history will judge this president harshly.” Mebbe. Mebbe not. Let’s see if we end up with ration cards first.

Had my best night ever at poker last night. Drinks are on me!

Colbert surrogate endorses Gingrich. Waiting to see if Jon Stewart uses the totally not coordinating PAC money to attack Mittens or to spend it on himself. MSNBC reporting almost $20 million in ad buys in FL between Newt and Mitt PACs. Thanking FSM I don’t live in Florida right now.

@Dodgerblue: Dude!

@Dave H: Who profits from Citizens United? Tv networks and ad agencies. Speaking of which:

I wonder how they got Sandy Duncan to pose for the cover?

@Dave H: Look what Pawlenty’s endorsement has done for Romney.

But Colbert has moved on. He’s suspended his campaign for President of South Carolina, and plans are to return his Super PAC Monday or Tuesday, once they reach a seven-figure (I’m guessing) fundraising goal.

Meanwhile, it’s starting to look like another one-minute projection Tuesday night. Don’t overstock on popcorn.

Funny coinkadink that this book was ranked #285,568 last week. After the infamous finger point, it’s now at #8. Because that’s effective marketing!

@Benedick: Unless we believe the Romney line that corporations are people, Citizens United allows the individuals who control TV networks and advertising agencies to profit. Those people get to donate their own money to the Super PACs of acceptable candidates and then get it all back as fees from the campaigns, in addition to the millions donated by the 99% suckers. It’s a pretty sweet arrangement to buy the government while making an up-front profit on the deal.

I wondered why that picture makes me want a Wheat Thin.

What’s the book tagline? “I can’t help it, it’s in my nature!”

@nojo: I’m hoping that Romney wins, but not by enough to make Newt consider dropping out.

@Dodgerblue: Primary polls are nothing but volatile, but right now it’s looking like a Mittens blowout. Plus, a third of the ballots have already been cast — presumably a substantial number before Newt briefly peaked post-SC.

Whatever the results, Newt dropping out is a different question. Ron Paul is staying in to collect delegates and raise a stink at the convention. Frothy Mix is running a more conventional campaign, and he’ll drop out when funding or support dries up.

But Newt? His ego may now be too wrapped up in it to look electoral reality in the face. Depends on whether Uncle Sheldon has more millions to dig out from the couch.

“She is an angry little teabagger ..”
This photo comes to mind.

@nojo: I’m ashamed to say that Andelson is Jewish. However, I learned today that The Most Interesting Man In The World from the Dos Equis beer commercial is also. Balance?

@Dodgerblue: As long as the writers for The Most Interesting Man In The World don’t try to make him say The Most Interesting Things. The moment anything comes out of his mouth beyond the basic lines, it all falls flat.

I’m ashamed to say that Andelson is Jewish.

I believe the standard response is “Which Sheldon isn’t?”

@nojo: My host for last night’s poker game was being visited by his Jewish mother-in-law, all 4’10” of her, who made the best noodle kugel I’ve ever had. All 8 of us went after it like hungry wolves.

My only sense of the GOP debates comes from the newspapers and Stinque threads but it looks like they’re getting nastier with each staging.

I’d like to suggest another 19 debates by the end of which the dialog will have descended into grunts of hatred and vilification.

IL NUCE: Cult Bishop fucker, go back to Massachusetts and blow your islamofascist boyfriend Elizabeth Warren.

ROMBOID: As soon as I visit the kennel and finish fucking your latest mistress in its diseased ass.

@FlyingChainSaw: Don’t forget the other two:

FROTHY MIX: No ass-fucking or blowing! Why isn’t your wife pregnant? Birth control is WRONG, you whores.

DR EVOL: Black helicopters! Black people! Ahhhhhh!

@Dave H: Since the email reaches me before the West Coast feed, I’m proud to announce that Colbert Super PAC has raised $1,023,121.24, including $6.00 from Stinque World Domination Headquarters.

ADD: Sadly, I can’t find myself in the itemized FEC filing. But don’t miss the cover letter!

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