In Which We Decide to Charge Newt Gingrich a Six-Figure Consulting Fee

“Newt Gingrich says he won’t ‘allow’ the moderators of future GOP presidential debates to keep the crowd out of it.” [The Hill] You’re welcome!


Programming notice: SOTU open thread at 8:45pm ET. Wear your sweats — a lot of jumping is involved.

Will there be members of Spike Lee’s Drop Squad present in case a Gooper speaks out of turn? One could only hope.

No liberal media “moderator” is going to shut up the angry mob that is the Gingrich base. If Newt wasn’t such a predictable overreacher he could have once become a dangerous demagogue, but the guy just can’t help himself. His massive ego always goes too far, and then he goes even farther out on a limb until he invariably falls off.

When Newssolini speaks, the RepubliKKKan orcs shriek.

So is this Gingrich’s tacit admission that he’s the Jerry Springer of debaters? Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

The Newt want his own “mosh pit,” right?

@BobCens: That would be fucking awesome. Make it so.

@matador1015: Spike Lee’s Drop Squad? Are they like the The Guardian Angels? Sometimes I love Spike, but he can really be a dick. She’s Gotta Have It is his breakthrough movie? It is crap. Sometimes I think he’s channeling Calhoun Tubbs.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Buried, but surviving. We covered Jurisdiction, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law last night in one class! Every chapter in our book is like a two semester class in law school. I feel like I have the drain bammage.

How ’bout you?

@¡Andrew!: I’m kinda okay, kiddo. I dunno what’s up with this guy. It’s a survey class, and the exams are multiple choice, right? Here’s what you do if you run out of time on the LSAT: don’t even read the questions — pick a letter, and go straight down the line with it. B, B, B, B, B, B, B…

How many questions were on the midterm, and how long did you have to complete it? Have you found an outline and/or a study group?

@¡Andrew!: That’s crazy! Although I snicker to think what sort of Crim Law is taught at a business school. Did you get through those topics okay? Any questions about any of it? Ask away, the Stinque Legal Eagles are here…we might even know the answer!

@JNOV & @SanFranLefty: Check your e-mail. I just sent my notes so far. Any recs would be greatly appreciated.

To date, we’ve also covered the fundamentals of the legal system, including the court systems (State and Federal), substantive and procedural law, busyness ethics, and civil dispute resolution.

Strangely, the page in the criminal law section on punishments for financial crimes was blank, ha, ha.

Right now I’m reading about Intentional Torts, which frankly, sound delicious to my español-loving ears.

@JNOV: The test is multiple choice, with 50 questions, I think. The sample questions in the book are actually really funny, like “Mr. Gullible sues Miss Demeanor for injuries suffered from a car accident, in which court will Mr. Gullible file his claim?”

I’m trying to organize a study group, but no takers yet. People aren’t freaking out this early in the quarter when they totally should be.

@¡Andrew!: Depends. Were any of the persons tribal members? Did the crash occur within the territorial jurisdiction of an Indian tribe? (Washington is a PL 280 state so state courts would probably have jurisdiction.) Was the crash on a public highway on the rez? Did the grant of right of way by the tribe retain civil jurisdiction? Are there any tribal employees involved? Were they acting within the scope of their duties carrying out a federal contract at the time of the crash? Was the crash caused by their negligence? If so the employee may be covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act, which provides the exclusive remedy for the injured persons, so long as they file within applicable deadlines.

Actually, that is exactly like something I have to start working on tomorrow. Oh, there’s no FTCA coverage for intentional torts except for those done by law enforcement officers who might have to put the beat down on someone in the course of duty.

@redmanlaw: Fortunately, our class is much simpler. In the car crash example, we’re only covering diversity of citizenship among state residents and whether the damages exceed $75,000.

@¡Andrew!: I got bumpkiss unless you used that FB email address that I never check. I just sent one to you, I believe. We’ll find out…

@redmanlaw: +1 NDN Law depressed the hell outta me. Go Russel Means! Dumbass.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Fuck Russell Means. He beats elders (allegedly) then tries to evade criminal prosecution at Navajo on grounds that he’s enrolled elsewhere. He lost his legal challenge in the Navajo tribal courts then got the hell outta town.

@JNOV: I had your previous address. I just forwarded to the gmails.

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