He Probably Saves the Barry White Songs for Michelle

Oh holy hell to the YES. I think I have a new ring tone for my phone.

Obama at the Apollo.



That just made me want to have his babies.

When I saw this clip this morning, all I could think of was to imagine if BET were to sponsor a GOP debate (why not, every other network has), and the moderator said, “Gentlemen, for your opening statement, we’d like you to croon a few bars of your favorite R&B hit.” Pretty hilarious to try to visualize.

@matador1015: That makes it you, me, and Benedick.

This could win him the election, right here.

@SanFranLefty: This is almost too easy, but for Il Nuce I propose Secret Lover.

In much sadder music news, the great Etta James has died.

Our preznint is SO awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

@Mistress Cynica: A great loss and an amazing talent.

In her memory, Tell Mama

@SanFranLefty: Simple Plan isn’t exactly R&B, but I’m sure Cain! could find someone to rearrange Can’t Keep My Hands Off of You for him.

In honor of RepubliKKKan Stepford wives everywhere, here’s Plastic Fantastic Lover, one of my all-time faves.

@matador1015: Too obvious? This is Stinque. This is where obvious lives.

… and what is this “obvious” thing? Did you guys start a meme without me while I was gone?

@RomeGirl: I guess that they really want me to volunteer again.

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