Prank Down Under

If it’s real, it’s epic:

And that will not buff out.


FWIW, that hugeass axe handle snaps in the same place in all the different shots, so yeah, looks real.

@Nabisco: By real, I meant that the car owner wasn’t in on the prank.

They obviously don’t have easy lawsuits Down Under, either.

@matador1015: Guessing that Real Men in Australia don’t sue, they get even. Look for Cal to do an arson video involving the Axman’s house.

Total setup. But what difference does that make when you shoot a car being sliced at 1500fps?

I would have appreciated a bit more slicing, and a bit less smashing. But that’s probably just being picky.

Don’t believe a word of it. But. Heads up to avoid Australians with big choppers. Plus, they talk funny.

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