Keep Those GOP Debates Coming, Boys

“One thing that really stands out in this poll is the extent to which Obama has claimed the middle. He’s up 68-27 on Romney with moderates. He also leads by 20 points with voters under 45, a group there’s been some concern about slippage with, and he has a 66-30 advantage with Hispanics.” [Public Policy Polling]


But Mittens has been Pandering (to assholes.) That’s gotta work… right?

You know what’s adorable? Ron Paul is still campaigning.

Andrew Sullivan writes a decent piece on how Obama is beating the odds with his “long game.”

@matador1015: I wish he’d beat the Republicans with his dick.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Who’s dick? Oh. That. I’m sure it’s a very nice dick. If you like Limey dick. It’s not that they’re unnaturally small it’s just that once you peel off the greying jockeys and get past the smell you’ve got to wonder “Is it worth it?” Particularly when your erstwhile (Limey word for quondam) ‘lover’ is pretending to be too drunk to know what’s going on and thereby forcing you to do all the work.

Which brings us back to Downton Abbey.

Wouldn’t Maggie Thatcher have loved it.

And DeRanger Rick is still around. That mindless jackass has all gone and started an international incident blabbin’ about Turkey, probably because he was Hungary.*

*Oh pleez, you were all thinking it.

@¡Andrew!: Does he get a side of Chile with that?

@JNOV is like, Peace?: We have a failure to communicate on references. You were referring to the Inseminator in Chief. Benedick assumed you were referring to Sully.

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