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In the year of national polling data that RealClearPolitics has on Jon Huntsman, he never broke past 5 percent — and only hit the nickel twice, in December. His entire candidacy can be defined as a margin of error. Yet we were supposed to take him seriously because Important People Told Us So.

Forget Trump. Forget Cain. Jon Huntsman was the Joke Candidate of the Year.


This is going to be such a boost for Mitt. His numbers are likely to skyrocket up past 30%. You just wait and see.

True Huntsman was the joke candidate, but I think the joke is on the GOPers.

prez Mitones. i’m calling it now.

Only in his mind.

I’m sure the authoritarian streak many GOPers have will force them to support Mittens, but he’s been alienating folks even more than usual with his robotic gaffs and his past as a vulture capitalist for Bane and there is a huge dropoff in enthusiasm among GOPer supporters (not to say there isn’t one for Obama among Demrats) if he’s the “one.”

In this election, people will soon discover what Napoleon meant by “heart is to three as material is to one.” No matter what despicable shit groups like “Citizens” “United” throw out, Mittens will undo it all with a gaffe or bald faced lie or by merely grinning in that smarmy insincere way only a lousy scumbag CEO can.

That dog doesn’t Huntsman.

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.

OT: anyone heard of a Tenga Egg? Gifted for Chanukah, and let me just say: entertaining

@baked: I’ve been calling an Obama electoral landslide since last summer, so that’ll be interesting.

But you know Huntsman’s problem? Nobody knew who the fuck he was. He was never a national politician, and Obama slyly parked him in China to keep him out of trouble, so when he came back, he had zero name-recognition, except for his media cheerleaders. Blank slate.

Obama had The Speech to put him on the map in 2004, and winning Iowa raised a lot of eyebrows (including mine). You’d have to go back to Bubba in 1992 to find another candidate from out of the blue. And before that, Jimmy.

And notice the comparison: Obama, Bubba and Jimmy are all Sick of the Status Quo candidates. Republicans already have Mitt, Not-Mitts, and Ron Paul. There wasn’t any room for Huntsman to distinguish himself, even if he was a better campaigner.

@Benedick: Hey Benedick, I see where our former colonial masters are going to spend a shitload of money buying a new “yacht” for the Queen. I’m guessing you might have a suggestion as to where she might sail it.

TJ/Weekend Sport Wrap Up: NFL winners are:

San Francisco: hippies, gheys, Lefty, Libertarian Tool, Walking Still

New York: Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street, Greenwich Village and Bloggy

New England: Harvard, Kennedys, birthplace of Obamaneycare

Baltimore: beltway liberals (the Dems always go to Maryland), team named for work of a drug-addled poet, birthplace of Walking Still.

Works for me. Wonder what the wingnuts think? I love the sound of empty heads assploding in the morning.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: I take it somebody is a customer of the Amazon-owned footwear company that just suffered a major database break-in?

@Walking Still: RML was born in the City by the Bay (which is not Denver).

@redmanlaw: All the more reason to be pleased with the weekend results.

However, I don’t cast aspargus at the teams that didn’t make it. Some of my best friends are Bronco and even Packers fans. Nawlins has suffered enough from Katrina/Bush, Senator Diaper and their senator from BP.

Houston, on the other hand, is hard to find a reason to like at least since the Astros dropped Jim Bouton.

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