Class Warfare

No doubt Mittens, et al., will hyperventilate to see the definitive proof that President Obama wants to declare class warfare on the capitalist 0.00001%:

Black Eagle shares a terrorist fist-bump with a janitor in the Executive Office Building! Hide the Bentley! Hide the billions! Hide the hookers! They’re coming for you, Mitones!



I can just see this photo in the next Ron Paul newsletter in a story about how our government has lost its way.

Our preznint is soooooooooooooooo dreamy.

@Walking Still: I think what will make the Tea Partiers and Paultards’ heads explode even more than his interaction with a janitor, is that every person in that photo — and not solely the janitor — is African-American.

Hey Ms. Lefty…. shouldn’t you be covering our local scandal in these pages? It’s got everything: a sheriff charged with domestic violence three days after taking the oath of office; a hot Venezuelan telanovella star standing by her man; an overzealous (or not) District Attorney; corrupt politics, internecine left on left warfare; questionable motives, and witness manipulation.

Sugested title to get you started “Don’t cry for me Venezuela.

@Dodgerblue: Can I do that in the comments here? Is that anew feature? Here are some pics.

@libertarian tool: I know what “niña mimada” means in the colloquial, but still…

@Dodgerblue: Nice blurb on crosstown traffic in the New Yorker, dude. Didn’t read the whole article yet, however.

ADD: I rarely watch post-season football if My Team isn’t playing, and rarely care about the NFC, but ¡Go Niners!

@Nabisco: You’ve got me, as I have no idea what it means. Checking Babblefish… [time passes]

“girl” something.

Apparently mimada is untranslatable. Or they just don’t make babblefish like they used to.

I’m not understanding what the manipulative ignorance of telenovas have to do with anything.

Our president is the most distinguished and accomplished man to have held that office in years. We have to look back to Roosevelt to find his equal.

@libertarian tool: “suckling” (feminine). A pampered young woman.

@libertarian tool: The irony is that this being Ess Eff, I didn’t know until a week ago that Supervisor Sheriff McSteamy was str8. I assumed he had the ghey, given his grooming and the odds in this city.

And his eyes are shut in his mug shot? Haven’t politicians learned anything from Tom DeLay?

@Benedick: Obama can rock a suit. He has a hella good tailor (plus being 6’3″ and 175 makes most well-cut clothes look good on a man). Was JFK the last president who looked as good in a suit?

@SanFranLefty: Yeah – I am not sure what to make of the closed eyes. Is he making a statement? I’d think that to have a useable mug shot, the guy behind the camera should have insisted on a retake with his eyes open. OTOH – he was shooting a picture of his boss, so… there is that.

@SanFranLefty: I think O-B-HMO is more original, more intelligent, and more isolated than was JFK. I think he’s one of the most extraordinary men to have ever been preznint. If Clinton was the first black preznint, O-B-HMO is the first woman preznint. I don’t know how he gets out of bed in the morning with the morning wood looking for someplace to pee knowing he’s got to face down the torrent of insanity coming from the Republicans. I would get back in bed, call my agent and tell them all bets are off.

I’m thinking Michelle helps. And that it might involve oral sex. And I’m proud to think that our preznint might enjoy oral sex and you KNOW it will be reciprocal. And hot. The same cannot be said for Angela Merkel. Or Jim DeMintiness.

@Benedick: The words “oral sex” and “Jim DeMint” should not be in the same paragraph. Nor “oral sex” and “Angela Merkel” for that matter.

Currently there is probably the most cunnilingus going on in the White House since the Eleanor Roosevelt era.

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