Missouri Bill Would Require Intelligent Design Taught as Actual Science

“And before you say ‘Well that’s going to make it hard to get into college when you graduate with a background in basic science that has built-in air quotes’, the law applies to universities and colleges in Missouri too, defined as ‘any introductory science course taught at any public institution of higher education in this state’ having to meet [certain] criteria ….” [Balloon Juice]


Isn’t Missouri the “Show Me” state? The jokes write themselves.

You know who really suffers when intelligent design is taught?
Our monkey forefathers.

Speaking of fundies, I’d like to say:

Suck it, Tebow!! Guess Baby Jeebus had more important things to worry about than whether a model-dating QB and a bunch of chowdah-heads in Foxboro kick your ass!

Oh and Jeebus must love Nancy Pelosi, the gheyz, and the liberals since the 49ers from the land of Sodom win tonight!

@SanFranLefty: Right on, Lefty!

Fucking godless fucking yankees fucking stomped this piece of shit and his dead fucking genocidal fucking god. Fuck you, asshole!

Why does Jesus hate you, Tebow? Why does he hate you so much he let a bunch of godless commie fucks from a state that sanctions marriages of godless sodomites stomp your pathetic fucking boy scout troop’s ass?

Maybe their god is stronger, asshole, right? Fuck you!

Motherfucking Downton Abbey can kiss my ass. Fucking motherfucking upperclass Limey fuckwits! A second tier Dominic Dunne novel SPRINGS off the motherfucking page and pisses right in your face.


The indecency of it has undone me. Sidebar: One of my many names is that of my granduncle who died at Gallipoli, courtesy of Churchill. No we haven’t forgotten the complete fucking incompetence of the so-called upper classes, aka the banksters of their time, and no we don’t give a flying fuck how adorably helpless you are. We don’t give a fuck about your gracious homes – you didn’t build them, you cunts – we don’t give a shit how adorable your frocks are, you’re all a pack of ignorant worthless fucktools. Go off in a gutter and FUCKING DIE. That’s all you’re fit for you WORTHLESS FUCKING FUCKS.

Apart from that it was charming.

And fuck the entire motherfucking cast apart from Penny Wilton.

This farrago of middle class morality is but a hemorrhoid up the ass of GBS’s masterwork of an empire at its last gasp Heartbreak House: shocking, heartbreaking, hilarious, sublime.

I will now try to calm down enough to go to bed and sleep. And sleep. Perchance to dream.

@FCS: I never knew you were a sports fan, sunshine!

@SanFranLefty: I told someone six or eight weeks ago that my Bronx would make it past the first round in the post season then lose in the second. I thought they would get killed tonight, so the 3rd quarter score wasn’t a surprise when I got home from Mrs RML’s birthday dinner. My hometown team the 49ers are still in the hunt, though.

@Benedick: Tired of Dame Maggie rolling her eyes, are we?

I saw Helen Hunt’s production of “Our Town” tonight. Very well done, but she needs to gain some weight.

@redmanlaw: They were who we thought they were.

@Benedick: So you are suggesting I don’t watch Season 1 Downton Abbey despite the urgings of many of my friends?

@blogenfreude: I’m being hounded to watch Portlandia, which I’ll get to sooner or later.

@nojo: It’s worth checking out. Thanks to on-demand, we saw the entire first season over the course of New Year’s weekend, and now are caught up. Friday’s episode involving manic fans of “Battlestar Gallactica” was good.

@SanFranLefty: Fuck, now I may have to move it up the queue. When discussing Battlegeek, “manic fan” is redundant.

@nojo: @SanFranLefty: Portlandia is good. Perfect for those (all?) of us Stinquers who can sniff smugly and say “That’s so Austin/Madison/Portland/Athens.”

@Nabisco: When we all huddled in the Bijou indie house in Eugene to watch Slacker, we discovered that Austin was our sister city.

@nojo: It’s a sketch show with a variety of characters, so you could jump straight to last night’s episode.

@blogenfreude: Season 1 is different. It has a story. Who will inherit Downton. Which is interesting. Season 2 begins as heritage porn: weren’t we all so much better off when the upper classes were in charge. But I will watch ep 2. The ongoingness drags you in. William is so fucking hot with his shot off hand (Limey fucking gay boys, hello! FUCK YOU STUPID FUCKWITS. Fucking story said gay men get their hands crippled to get home to be evil villains and take over the holy fucking motherfucking ‘abbey’. I have just gone all up in da face.) But whatever. We can’t expect the UK to keep up with the US.

Forget the ethics get into the cozzies and the obliterating background score.

Superbly designed and produced. It reduces the past to pomp.

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