Black Panthers Routed From Dixville Notch

Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes to Sean Hannity: “This is what America is all about. Like you said, no hanging chads, we didn’t see any Black Panthers with baseball bats. These were good, American folks going to do their patriotic duty, and I think it’s fantastic. Dixville Notch is just a great little place.” [TPM]


Come the Revolution, Chubs will get roasted on a spit and fed to the dogs.

My recollection from my days in Berkeley and Oakland is that the Panthers used shotguns.

New Hampshire is a long distance from Florida, home of the hanging chad (as well as that big black voter disenfranchisement scandal back around 2000). Other than that, it looks like the dog whistles are out in force.

We need new fools. This bunch just ain’t cutting it.

It sounds like he’s been a victim of a Groundhog Day experiment.

Todd just feels more comfortable when he’s surrounded by his people–white Republicans. Those other people make him nervous.

I saw a story today where Mitt said he gets bugged when he hears people speak with an accent (like his Gramps may have picked up when he made like a Taco Bell ad and ran for the border?) I suppose that line, which I hear a lot from someone I work with*, will play pretty well in Banjolandia as the primaries and the level of discourse go South.

*One of those who says very slowly and loudly to phone operators in India or whereever “speeeak ENGLISH. I can’t understand your accent. Is your supervisor there?” I hope her great grandmother from Russia can hear her in the great beyond.

@redmanlaw: And to think, we’re just getting started. One of the benefits of last year’s sideshow is that everybody ignored Mitt at a time when he could have buried the news.

There’s some chatter that it’s still too early — Demrats would have preferred that everything come out closer to November — but now’s not a bad time to start establishing Mitt’s caricature in public.

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