Rockefeller Center

Last night:


Oooo! Pretty shiny (so grateful not to have to be thinking about this am’s dispiriting pandermonium and can look at pretty things instead.

I still say that NYC should declare off-shore independence while keeping a hinterland radius of 150 miles which would include Long Island thru the Hamptons out to Montauk plus the Catskills including Hunter Mountain. Let the mayor become king, Krugman be CFO, and let us be the financial capital of the world plus best hookers, drugs, theatres, hotels, and restaurants. Let us be Florence/Sodom for the new century. The home of culture. Rival to Paris, Vienna, and Berlin. Let us invite Scandinavian expertise to devise social structures – plus hot Danes in uniform who will only listen to so much in the way of excuse before stripping down to their boxer-briefs to administer a well-deserved over-the-knee spanking. Let us build the great mechanical dam across the Verrazzano Straights to save the city from the flooding to come and let us tell Kansas once and for all to STFU and find some other patsy to underwrite your fucking ignorance and reactionary politics.

Then let the revolution spread to the SF, LA, Seattle satrapy. Let Sandy Eggo go fuck itself. Who cares about Sandy Eggo? What is there in Sandy Eggo worth preserving? 14 Starbucks and the last remaining Borders. Oh no, wait, that just got sold to The Dollar Store.)

So yeah, right, thanks for this lovely image of NYC.

PS. What is missing?


Jan 8. No snow. Nothing. Mild balmy day outside. No snow. 15 years ago we had 2ft on the ground by Thanksgiving. No snow.

@Benedick: I should be honest – the GF (Noriko) took that shot w/ her iPhone 4. More megapixels than lots of real cameras.

@Benedick: Climate change … but of course amateur paleontologist Newt tells us there is no such thing.

@Benedick: I’d emigrate to your NYC, assuming you’d have me. I’m not capable of generating an anchor baby.

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