Rick Perry Joins Newt Gingrich in History Channel Plugs

Cue the music: “This election is about stopping a president of the United States and his administration that is abusing the Constitution of this country, that is putting America on a track to bankruptcy. It is a powerful moment in Americans’ history, and you are on the front lines. This is Concord. This is Omaha Beach. This is going up the hill realizing that the battle is worth winning.” [MSNBC, via Political Wire]


Wow, has Prick Erry started writing his opponent’s commercials for 2016 already?

After all that chickenhawk bluster I wonder why Gov. Perry didn’t take the next logical step and tell his supporters to bring their assault rifles to the caucus locations tonight to mow down the opposition. His radical supporters have to stop the moderately insane GOPers before going after the Kenyan Mooslim Commie living in the White House.

perry knows what he is talking about when he speaks of the military. he was in the air force for 5 years and did NOT wreck any aircraft. just ask reverse ace john mccain how hard that is. newt on the other hand skipped vietnam, but now from the safety of time and privilege, he says he wished he had gone over there. but just for the air conditioning and shrimp. and of course, the me love you longtime like he always does in return.

@Dave H: barry o’bama is a moderately insane GOPer. he keeps behaving like they will work with him, even though they never have over and over again.

But the Germans did bomb Pearl Harbor!

@jwmcsame: Apparently the C-130 Hercules is so safe even Rick Perry couldn’t get one to crash. God knows what hot-shot jet jockeys like the Shrub and John McCain could have done to in one.

So far I agree President Obama has acted very much the moderate, old-school Republican. If he can win reelection against all the PAC money that will be spent to defeat him, he should sign an executive order telling Mitch McConnell to kiss his ass every single day for the next four years.

@Dave H: Maybe Barry can move to the left after reelection and take Nixonian positions on issues. The environment and my uterus would thank him.

@SanFranLefty: Central and South America would be less pleased.

@Walking Still: Not to mention Southeast Asia. Okay, so not so much Kissinger-driven foreign affairs, talking about just domestic issues.

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