Mmmm… Squirrel…

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Haven’t decided on a canapé for that special Final New Year’s Eve party tonight? Nice Lady Melany Vorass of Seattle has an appetizing idea that’s right outside your door! And when your guests ask for the secret of that delicious! snack they just swallowed, have your camera ready when you tell them! It’ll be a night to remember!

Dinner gets very local for squirrel-eating Seattleite [Seattle Times, via WaPo]

Dude. At least she’s not eating roadkill. Yes, people are that hungry, and have been for years.

Good God. If you can’t pronounce ‘risotto’ you’re not allowed to slaughter squirrels. Mind you, she makes a good point; dead meat is dead meat. Next time you look at fried chicken give it a name.

BTB, this is popular in the UK among the foodie/Tory/Sloane Ranger set, but only with the grey squirrel. This is a determined and venturesome creature that loves to hang off bird feeders and taunt dachshunds and pugs. It inhabits city spaces that give paws to rats. In the Olde Country it has beaten back the more refined red squirrel of Beatrix Potter fame, hence the fatwa declared by Nigella Lawson and others of her ilk.

Otherwise: ugh.

Bacon wrapped squirrel off the grill is pretty tasty, but I’d agrees with Benne about grey squirrels. There’s another larger squirrel we have here that’s larger with extra tufts of hair on its ears. My brother shot one, cooked it up and said it tasted like hell. Bacon wrapped dove is also very good. Sometimes you find little shot pellets in the meat.

I once shot a grouse from very close range once with a 20 gauge shotgun. It literally disappeared into a puff of feathers like in the cartoons.

A friend is delivering a box of beef later today from cattle she raised at her place in Colorado. Plus that, we have a couple of roasts in the freezer from the elk my brother got a earlier this month.

@redmanlaw: Bacon wrapped dove

Surely that’s a metaphor for something.

@nojo: “Surely that’s a metaphor for something.”

Peace arrives through tasty pork?

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