Don’t Mess With Texas Closets

Title: “Head Figure Head: The Search for the Hidden Life of Rick Perry”

Author: Glen Maxey

Rank: “#1,364 Paid in Kindle Store”

Blurb: “On June 23, 2011 a national reporter called Glen Maxey, the first and only openly gay state legislator in the history of Texas. Rick Perry was making noises about running for president, and the reporter asked about rumors that Perry possibly may have had homosexual sex. Glen had heard the rumors before but never investigated them. Now curious, Glen sent out messages to his wide network of gay and political contacts. Within hours, he received astonishing information from multiple sources. For the next five months, Glen’s life was consumed with investigating the rumors and stories about Perry. Did Rick Perry have sex with men? Read this remarkable book and decide for yourself.”

Review: “Maxey clearly has a vast network of connections in the gay community that no ordinary journalist could hope to match. The direct evidence he recites is strong (though, as he says, it’s still hearsay) — the stories of the gay hustler and the Craigslist guy are amazing.”

Footnote: Hiring Herman Cain!’s lawyer is not an admission of guilt.

Head Figure Head [Amazon]

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Being a self loathing homosexual (if true) would be the least of Perry’s problems mostly because he’s a fucking moron.

Look, I don’t really *care* how many rent-boys Prick Erry likes to fuck – it’s his Koch-headed plans to fuck the whole *country* that I’m worried about…

T/J Congrats to the UCLA Women’s Volleyball Team (and Dodger) for winning the NCAA National Championship yesterday.

Thoughtful commentary here by a Texas progressive about the media’s double standard in HuffPo wanting so much on-the-record corroboration in Maxey’s research and ultimately chickening out when Perry promised a lawsuit, versus Politico running with the Cain! sexual harassment story.

@SanFranLefty: As I have said in the past, these people need to be outed and destroyed, embarrassed and driven from polite society. It will be difficult to get red states – and some others – to stop sending sociopaths to Congress, but we have to try.

Point of order: “Figurehead” is one word, and, if used correctly, renders the phrase “Head Figurehead” comprehensible, though it remains not particularly euphonious or at all clever.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: The Amalgamated Editors of America thank you for buttressing their case against The Scourge of Self-Publishing.

And The Amalgamated Designers of America will just have to wait their turn to bitch about the cover.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That:

The second “Head” could have a different meaning intended. It wouldn’t make much sense either, but it would be more entertaining.

@nojo: The Amalgamated Designers of America may have mistaken this cover for a Texas-Board-of-Education-Approved social studies textbook cover, title and all.

@matador1015: If that was the intention, the Amalgamated Designers should reconsider their harsh judgment, because it would be fucking brilliant.

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