Hitch would no doubt be amused by the ‘religious’ reaction to a hashtag for the title of one of his books.

25 Ridiculous Reactions to #GodIsNotGreat [Buzzfeed]

God Is Not Great [Amazon]


Jesus Boy and the Bronx are leading the Pats 13-7 (missed PAT), start of 2d.

@redmanlaw: I think He looked upon His upset of the Packers and His bailing out of the Colts and said ” fuck it, it’s Sunday. I’m going to rest.”

@Nabisco, bloggie Some cat at the gym was totally in shock when I told him the 4th qtr score. “If they were gonna lose one, it was gonna be this one,” I told him. “No, no,” he kept saying. I think I caught a whiff of the Christian Kool-Aid on his breath.

Las Posadas in Santa Fe tonight.


Odd that Hitch died this weekend because…. DEVELOPING HARD: Kim Jong-il bites the dust. Which, oddly enough and keeping in pattern, is brandy-flavored.

(Hitch was a massive critic of DPRK, favored intervention etc. etc.)

@chicago bureau:
My dad favored intervention, too. He has personal reasons to hate the D-Pricks. It was not fun arguing with him about it as he hates that his son is a realpolitik kind of guy.

Christmas music TJ/You hear some weird shit at Christmas: Neil Diamond singing the Hallelujah Chorus (“. . . the King of Kings . . . and he shall reign for ever and ever . . .” What’s wrong with that picture?) and and Nat King Cole singing “O Tannenbaum” in German.

The Tim Tebow SNL skit.

The Tim Tebow retablo.

@redmanlaw: Doocy couldn’t figure out the other night the irony of Irving Berlin writing White Christmas.

@redmanlaw: So does this mean that Tom Brady is the antichrist?

Saw the tail end of the Pats’ game, as St. Tebow was reduced to: 1) Running with the ball, 2) Throwing the ball away because everyone was covered, or 3) Getting sacked in epic fail fashion. It reminded me of Michael Jordan’s early years with the Bulls, as four stiffs in red and black stood around and watched MJ carry the team on his back night after night.

Except, of course that MJ had monster talent.

@Manchu: what did Pops think of the Sunshine Policy? I was in Seoul during the KDJ summit in the north, and there was a lot of nervous excitement.

He hated it, sort of. He is old school and many Koreans from that generation (can’t blame them) weren’t crazy about the NKs.

When the Sunshine Policy flubbed, he wasn’t happy about it though.

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