That’s “Obamney”

[via Political Wire]

Are they even pretending not to manipulate the public anymore? It’s like really bad sub[SEND TOMMMCATT CHOCOLATE AND KOREAN POWER BOTTOMS]liminal advertising. Yeesh…

Incidentally, how many times has the winner of the Iowa primary actually won the Presidency? Just a thought…

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: huckster be won it last year and his grand prize was a gig on false noise. probably pays better than the presidency and doesn’t require telling of the truth.


As Nixon proved to all the world, being President doesn’t require telling the truth and provides lots of additional ways to cash-in.

Can I interest anyone in a San Clemente beach house?

@Walking Still: remember the scene in JFK when larry hagman’s character tells nixon to not worry about running against kennedy in 64 because kennedy won’t be around then? i’ll never be convinced that the republican’ts didn’t have a hand in JFK’s assassination or that cheney wasn’t behind 9-11. fortunately, todays republican’ts aren’t that ruthless, just fucking retarded.

p.s. and reagan and hw instigating the iranian hostage situation in 79-80.

You know, I THOUGHT Romney looked like he was from Kenya. Next, we’ll find out he’s Muslim, not Mormon.

@WaltTrombone: Muslim –> Muslin –> Magic Underpants –> Mormoni.

OMFG that’s what it is!

@jwmcsame: Cheney didn’t need to be behind 9/11. He merely recognized a golden opportunity when he saw it.

@redmanlaw: And it was Iowa that convinced me that Obama was an “electable” candidate.

That said, and Shrub notwithstanding, the general point holds: Iowa is too wingnutty to predict even Republican races. But still, a win’s a win. And a loss is a loss.

Now on the radar, and not because Sully endorsed him today: Ron Paul. That would be interesting.

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