A Turd is a Turd is a Turd

“Say goodbye to Xe. The company formerly known as Blackwater — the world’s most infamous private security corporation — has jettisoned the name it chose in its 2009 rebrand. Now the ‘security solutions provider’ wants to wash away the taint of the 2007 Nisour Square shootings by adopting the new name ‘Academi.’” [Wired]


I suggest they go to Pig Latin, as in Ackwaterblay.

Interestingly, they’re still marketing Blackwater branded crap (like shotguns).

Yup, that works.

Academi of Offensive Driving and Shooting
Academi of Covering up the Rape of Coworkers
Academi of Wrap Around Ballistic Shades
Academi of Overbilling
Academi of Arrogance

@IanJ: Readers of “Townhall” and “Red State” use it to masturbate with.

In other news, Frothy seems to have developed man boobs.

@Benedick: It’s all the misery eating.

Why do we pay attention to this guy, anyway? He’s unelectable even to the position of poop scraper or beer-belly fold-mold licker.

I’ve always liked that Doobie Brothers song “Academi.”

@IanJ: I saw some Blackwater brand pants at the sporting goods store today. Fucking cargo pants are $59.

@redmanlaw: Dude. Shoulda scored those. I’ll think of a good reason in a minute here.

@redmanlaw: I did ten days of training with a handful of ex-Blackwater dudes and dudettes: driving, orienteering, shooting and tactical medicine (my favorite). They all wore those overpriced cargos, with a slash blade clipped into the right pocket. I get my BDUs for $59 at Cabelas.

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