Today’s Platinum Pampers Nominee

“A conservative Christian politician has a secret life as a sperm donor for lesbian couples — even though he has campaigned against gay marriage. American politician Bill Johnson has spent most of this year in Christchurch helping run the earthquake recovery, all the while using the online persona ‘chchbill’ to meet women who want help to get pregnant.” [New Zealand Herald]


What, no meth? No wetsuit? Not even a twitter dick?

1 diaper.


“Jesufascist Scam to Whack Off in Front of Lesbians Exposed” ?

Big deal.

It’s the newest version of “Two girls one cup.”

I dunno, I do think this is peculiar. Guy insists that gay marriage is a threat to Western Civilization (or whatever) but he wants his offspring raised by lesbian couples?

It really is mind-blowing to try and figure out what these people are thinking.

Says more about them than it does about him. Yuck.

You’d think they could find someone less repulsive, and like, not KKKrayzee.

@¡Andrew!: Maybe that’s why he had to go all the way to Australia…

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Sure, but who’d want that beady-eyed freak to be their baby daddy? I recommend that you do not google up a photo. There had to have been a better way.

@¡Andrew!: @Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: My theory? He thought his ugly would somehow dilute their ghey in the gene pool.

ADD: puppeh in the house, 3 mon old and already as big as my thigh.

@Nabisco: I totally want a big one like that! A dog like that, too. What breed?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: The rescuers said “lab mix”, but the only other blood he seems to have is Yeti.

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