Sociopath? Criminally insane? Possibly home-schooled?

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Even the Foxbots don’t quite know what to do with her ….

Why is this stupid fucking c-word giving her “insights” into anything? Why is she taking up oxygen??

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That:
She does sound a bit like a female Elmer Fwudd.

Stwop da Dwemwat!! Stwop da Dwemwat!!!

I believe Victoria is threatening Orly’s spot as the least rational Republican. The Obama campaign must be wondering if the GOP will deliver enough independent voters to the Dems to make opening 2012 campaign offices unnecessary.

@blogenfreude: God love him, even Steve Doocy couldn’t let the “Obama is a Marxist” comment slide.

Victoria is the heart and soul of the GOP. She should have her own hour-long program on Fox. Every day.

Fucking insomnia…

Can I say how much I love Archer? Almost caught up on all the episodes I’ve missed.

2:22 here … me as well. Archer is something I think I remember … what is?

@ManchuCandidate: I’ve seen Aisha Tyler live on The Sexy Liberal comedy tour. I never seem to figure out when that show is on.

@ManchuCandidate: @blogenfreude: Lingering jet lag here – same bitch to get over. What is this Archer, and can (or should) I have some?

@Mistress Cynica: She’s from that same SNL period when they must have been experimenting with backyard lobotomies during the after parties, rather than cocaine or alcohol.

At the risk of defaming Duck, Daffy. Bunny, Bugs. Fudd, Elmer. I would say this woman is 1) Looney tunes. And 2) A dis-service to blonde women everywhere.

I would have said bottle blondes but that bow distracted me from the root analysis.

This is a common trope in the business of show: the woman as child. The voice; the Baby June appearance; the acting-out of helplessness: I bet she couldn’t even glue on her own nails without a gay to do it for her. See also Jennifer Tilley, Marilyn Monroe, and any number of predatory women masking a ruthless ambition behind the physical representations of mental retardation to prove that she’s no threat. Here in the US when a woman gets angry, in a professional setting, she cries to demonstrate that she does not want to rip off our balls. And by ‘our’ I mean her male associates.

I’m not a fan of the Live Sat Night thing populated as it is with a cast of spectacular non-talents, both writing and ‘acting’. They are even more hopelessly conformist than the South Park people: pretend iconoclasts yapping at the heels of power, intellectuals at the Nation excoriating the Kochs.

I was directed in a commercial by one of SNL’s ‘legendary’ first season writer/producers who was a nice enough man of no discernible talent. It was a commercial. That’s what the ‘creatives’ behind SNL dream of. Selling Bounty Sellect-A-Size. They are that anarchic. That he represents the ‘golden age’ speaks volumes for Miss Kitten With a Whip.

@Benedick: Speaking of commercials, I read today that one will soon be able to buy custom-sized condoms. Imagine the ads for that.

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