I’m Rick Perry, and I’m Not a Secret Muslim


Sorry Gubbiner Yosemite Sam. It’s the Rake and the Fat Man Show.

You’re willing to close down three gubbmint agencies (soon as you remember what the third one was), but you’re willing to spend gubbmint $$ to make Amurica safe for Gawd-fearin Christians and persecute teh gayz. Fair trade, I guess.

What a piece of garbage. It’s one thing to be deluded about technical topics such as climate change and the Theory of Evolution. It’s quite another to be deluded into believing things you simply know aren’t true. The idea that children in America can’t openly celebrate Christmas is astonishingly and stupidly, objectively false.

Maybe Politifact should nominate this claim for “Lie of the Year” rather than the demonstrably true claim that Republicans are trying to end Medicare.

@Serolf Divad: Goobner Rick may be reacting to the Ft Worth School District’s insistence class time be used for learning the ABC’s and not religious observances. Ever’body done gottn their panties up in a knot over this last salvo in the war on XMAS by godless “SCHILLING GLOBALIST NITWITs”

@ManchuCandidate: At this point, Deranger is trying to keep himself in position for Veep. There’s a tradition of failing upwards in Texas – whether as a Yale legacy or HeyHeyLBJ – and he knows how well being in the right place served his long term interests back home.

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